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Ectoplasmic Existenialism

He found me in a mood that day electing to drown in my dismay. Sage and wise in his green robe, as quickly he began to probe my deep reflection with no interjection as we shared our predilection for solar emissions. With his ectoplasmic leavings  and my soggy sordid grieving we made mud upon the soil with a film of rainbow oil that he collected with a reed and injected as a seed into the gray so I could feed upon its eclectic samplings.  Spinning like a whirligig into the past my mind did dig until it found the moment sweet I struck out on this road to meet the infection of a life with such ecstasy-yet rife with bumps, detours and strife I had not expected. “Brutality subjective,” he stated, “and yet Nature is berated  for the necessary consumption without malice or compunction of that which gives us sustenance without monetary recompense that humans are addicted to.” As he lingered, contemplati


During these difficult seasons of what seems to be a breakdown and dismantling of so many familiar processes, institutions and the way of life we have come to count on, it is encouraging to me to see that Nature knows nothing of politics and marches on with Life. The warmer temperatures may have its biological system confused but it continues doing what it does best. Nature renews, regenerates and carries on, for it knows no other way. Things bloom, grow, blossom and creatures bear offspring.  I, for one, am honored to be able to observe these miracles. I awoke to this delightful surprise Saturday morning.  An even dozen! If you recall, a few weeks ago I posted about the males fighting for dominance on the little lake. I suppose the best ‘Daffy’ won, but we see who gets the prize and the responsibility. 🤔 She swam right over to me, with them in tow, likely hoping for tidbits; but it is best not to feed them extras. “Mom, you wanna check behind my ears? He

The Sound of Magnificence

I have had the pleasure of sharing precious moments with so many living things in this world over the years. One of my favorites was the ten minutes I spent with a fledgling Osprey. The young bird was still damp after leaving the nest and landing on my rooftop. As I stood there in the glow of its first glimpse of freedom, I was awed by how already mature it seemed, ready to accept its role in the Wheel of Life. There was no sound but the wind, whispering to its soul and calling it forth into flight. This post brought to you by  Linda Hill’s SoCS prompt  Visit her blog to meet some really great writers and read some interesting posts.  Oh, and in honor of #NationalMargaritaDay, hop on over to  Dan’s place . I hear they are serving up some great offerings at the bar. Hope to see you there! 😉

Calling All Angels...

Can you hear their whispers in the rush of the wind, feel their love in the rising and setting of the sun- continuity, constance, caring, see their presence in every living thing and know that we are never alone?  Fear not, for they are here.  CKP 2020

Turn, Turn, Turn..

At the heart of every success is the desire to be- to bee or not to bee is not the question for we have no choice; if life is to be lived fully, robustly- carving our path on the face of Existence. To shine, to glow, create and grow without giving pause to the studied cause of every other soul that makes the sum of a whole world. The world that spins in spite of the sins that steal its breath, infecting the breadth of its expanse. Expanding, shrinking, the universe sinking  in on herself as the bees buzz on blindly, ignoring her kindly advising them to Cease!  Their intoxication brings elation, numbing the brain as softly the rain starts to fall- pounding the parched land. They understand But far too too late  to change their fate and flapping wildly, their buzzing cries turn to gurgling sounds and truth abounds in the waves crashing, their futile thrashing changes noth

Hearts and Hands

Will you dance with me, take a chance with me our hearts entwined- soul and mind as one? Touch me, see me! For your fingertips upon my lips as gentle rain sustain me. As we float through days with gentle ways, soft and warm- what harm could befall us? In twilight’s shadow and golden hue life’s sun shall set on me and  you  ambling on into the haze and looking back on brilliant days- a life well built, well lived, well loved. Us.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  CKP words and images. 

The Letter P

As it pertains  to life's mysteries... When contemplating the best way to summarize my current emotional/mental/spiritual state today, I find it difficult to connect my heart and mind in the usual way.  Sometimes words are all that pop into my head, and once spoken the dam that blocks my soul's winding path disintegrates, allowing me to float freely into that comforting space of understanding and hope once more.  The letter P popped into my head and seeded itself, inspiring me to post , finally a light in the darkness that has seemed to be invading my creative flow.  As I pondered my dilemma I thought of the recent pain  I felt at the pretentious, placating practice of polite, political  correctness that has permeated everyday conversation and how self-conscious that makes me feel.  Not that I have outwardly been anything otherwise in my entire life, but knowing that judgment and the need to proselytize  is paramount  to society at large has paralyzed my tongue i

Well This is a Fine Mess..

Please remove my image from all associated advertisements. I am resigning my role as the country’s National Emblem. I am regal, I am a Hunter but never take more than I need. I live in accordance with the natural order of Existence. There is no duplicity in Nature. With no voice we cannot lie but our eyes see the truth. Once we sought to be more like humans and were envious of their accomplishments. Now we face extinction and have no one to blame but those who were put here to protect us, to keep order and balance on this world. Their ‘intellect’ has become ignorance at its worst to not realize that what they control is only one another. Nature will always find a way....

Silent Watching....

The elders watched from the precipice of destruction, stoic, unmoved in their constant vigil, feeling mildly perturbed by it all. The ancient one shivered against the untimely chill that had crept insidiously over the season, forcing his tribe to take to the skies all too soon, seeking warmth- sustenance. The Great Hunter finished the remains of its meal wondering when the last kill would be as the Keepers pushed further in, stripping away the vestiges of their life’s blood. They bowed their heads in reverent shame for such disregard of their Mother’s world, their chirping drowned by the clamor of progress, the cacophony maddening. She made them stewards of her Creation, they hold her Essence in their hands, delicate, brilliant, mighty, precious! How could they betray her trust for gold dust? Can they not see the universe in a grain of sand, feel her breath in the rush of the wind, see her artistry p