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Displaced, dropped from space into this human race, leaving no trace, my true identity erased. . Alone I roam the minutes  of the long days spinning into months that turn to years. With tears I mark the passing. Glimpses, like shadows viewed in the periphery of my clouded vision, too full of chaos and sound around  me I need to hear your voice, Mother, to feel your love, Father the kinship of a brother that I never really knew beyond our childish games-our names scratched on the sidewalk. Come back! What I lack is kindred spirit, the connection, resurrection of the flame to ease the shame of forgetting and regretting  the fall. It was but for such an  error that I walk through life in terror, neither knowing friend or foe and no matter where I go, it follows. fear always an unwilling guest serving pain in spite of all my best efforts to deflect, reject the lie.


Changing, rearranging, adapting, growing...metamorphosis. Sometimes it seems perfectly painless and beautiful, like watching an ugly caterpillar (I think they’re all pretty) spin a cocoon and lie dormant until such time as it emerges-transformed-into a glorious spotted butterfly. Then there are those changes thrust upon us, life altering events that shatter our ideas about what is normal and perfect, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly. Injury, illness, loss and suffering can leave scars that may be nearly imperceptible to those around us but that loom in our own view as insurmountably ugly. I feel most things come into my life for a reason and  try my best to understand these events, images and occurrences with an open mind. I feel the same uncertainty, sorrow and frustration as anyone else; but at some point, knowing that the universe is an intricate tapestry of Existence that is interdependent upon every thread that was woven into it from the beginning, I seek reason

It’s Official!

I want to change my name to Bob and apply for an architecture apprenticeship at the Lego factory. My youngest son, also my birthday buddy, saw every Harry Potter movie with me from the time he was around ten. It was our tradition and so much fun. We both love the books, the films and all that the story embodies. Jo Rowling is a hero in many ways. So, when he sent me pics of his own Lego set of Hogwarts, I was envious. It looked amazing. So, for Mother’s Day he surprised me with my own set! This one is Hagrid’s hut and Buckbeak’s near demise and rescue by Harry and Hermione.   I figured I would just start slow, doing a bit each night as a kind of meditation, a mindless enjoyment. I began the set with the adorable little Mother’s Day card kit. It is so sweet.  As you can see from the first photo, there were choices for the message. I asked him which one he would choose for me. He chose this one.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• Then the real fun started. I put together a few pieces the

Letters To....

I decided to send messages to those people, places, moments and dreams of my life, both lived and as yet unrealized. Today’s letter is to Costa Rica, the jewel in our past, the dream of our future and always present in our hearts. Dear Costa Rica, Thank you..... For so many perfect sunsets. And all we had to do was to show up. Magnificent, brilliant, thrilling and soul satisfying are not even the right words to describe those magical moments. There are no words.  Dear Costa Rica, I have no adequate words......πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•