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Memories and Opportunities

The past year was a whirlwind of change for me. I suppose some, more stationary,  people might say my life has been like a whirlwind. We have moved more than a dozen times in 30 years and to different cities, states and even out of country! Before my sons were grown, these moves affected their lives as well. We have become known as “the gypsies”.  I am a water sign, a Cancer, which influences me to be a nester by nature with an adventurous spirit. It has been tested many times. I have laughed, cried, screamed at the walls and picked myself up by the proverbial bootstraps to carry on. When I was younger I bemoaned the people I left behind and envied those friends who stayed in the same house, the same town, the same city and state so that they were one with their surroundings, family and friends. I longed to hang onto what I had, like a photo in album that you keep forever. Yet we all know that nothing in this tangible world lasts forever. So I keep the images in my heart and

Cheers and Hope!

Well, here we are at the precipice of a fresh and frighteningly pivotal New Year. While I never speak of politics on my blog(s),  I will say that each of us must truly seek wisdom in our choices this year, remembering to dig deeply within to understand the truths and weight of our decisions. Nothing is frivolous when it comes to our future generations, the future survival of the planet we call home and the continuation of life in the beautiful sense that we have come to understand it.  I am new to Blogger and hope to meet some new friends as well as have my current friends find me here. I have been on Wordpress under and dreamingreality for quite some time. You can look up my past work there if you would like. I write about a lot of things, including our life in Costa Rica, our adventures back here in the states, as well as sharing stories of family, food and my introspection.  I look forward to your words, thoughts and ideas and hope this new ‘home’ is