Monday, February 6, 2023

Everlasting #CFFC

This week for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge the prompt was Smiles. Now who can’t find one of those?

There are so many kinds of smiles and my photo albums are full. 

“Smile and the world smiles with you”  is true. 

Food smile!

Ecstatic smile…

“I do”

Water Puddle smile!

Old Moon crooked smile

“I am smiling”…

Just snagged a snack smile
(But you might wanna look away now

“You made me wear this bunny suit” grimace

‘Got bananas?’ Smile

Cheyenne and me smiles

Ellie smiles

“For me?” smile

I miss this smile so much! 

“Well hello!”

“So glad I’m here” smile

Forced smiles. 🥴

Yeah, he’s smiling

“Be sure to get my best side now”

Fresh coconut on the beach smile! 

Artsy smiles

Butterfly time…

Beer smiles all around

Gingerbread smile

Rainbow smile

Jammin’ Joy! 

Artist’s smile

Friends’ day smiles

Grandma smiles

 Devious smile

“Love you, Dad” smile

These guys are my reason to smile! 

‘I won’ smile

And always ‘Chessie’

Smiles are everlasting, so why not add something for posterity? 

It’s only words, and words are all I have….

Friday, February 3, 2023

The Accomplice #poetry #photography #birds


Would I

though stunningly bright

be able to light

a starless night?

I think not

My bit

of golden shimmer

is but a glimmer

in the shadow

of morning

And yet

I keep  returning

and so the turning

of the hourglass

sets the stage

I bow

and enter, stage left

ignoring the theft

of velvet night-

by day’s light 

Cheryl Pennington

Copyright 2023

Monday, January 16, 2023

A Fine Feather #CFFC

Happy new week! Once again I find myself blessed with prompts that are near and dear to my heart. Cee has given the prompt of feather and anyone who has followed my wavy blog for any amount of time knows how much I love birds. Those who know me personally are aware of my spiritual attachment to feathers. They have always come to me when I need signs. This miracle is my ritual of optimism. If anyone is participating in Linda Hill’s JusJoJan you will notice my nod to her prompt for today. Optimism. 

From my vast collection, most of these were collected over the past two years. I was seeking signs often during this time and they were provided. Many went into my dream catchers.

In my hand…

Photo sessions with the Great Egret

I just loved these feathers like a grass skirt

One of my favorite shots ever. Feather in still life on the lake..

This is my most recent dream catcher. 

Monday, January 9, 2023

A World of Beauty #CFFC

Looking through the eyes of love… 

My contribution to Cee’s foto challenge for ‘eyes’. Pop over to her place for some amazing prompts, posts and to meet other wonderful bloggers

Something to listen to while you see what ‘eye’ have... 

Melissa recorded it originally for the tv movie Ice Castles

But I so love Josh singing most anything…