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The Passion of Beeing

  Within the cool shadows of the living wall Passion blooms in radiant enticing hues of scarlet, gold and violet too with silver tongues that sing the melody of seduction, reproduction and sweet repose such strains too sweet to be ignored by Nature’s laborers of fertility In droves they descend upon her bloom  her treasure freely exposed and eager for the taking The hungry feed voraciously humming quite loquaciously  to hypnotize her will to surrender She trembles ‘neath the feathery touch as deeply probed, extracting such- the gems of future generations “Share with me, and you shall see the fruits of our unbridled passion” Another and another come to worship at her knee her suitors taking turn as she sighs, “To be or not to bee” Alas there is no choice for her as Nature knows its way.  Her tender heart bursts inside out, fulfilling Passion’s play Alas, the contradiction as we give the benediction Some intruders may be welcome,  embraced and fed robustly while mankind must put up barb
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Why? #1Liner Wednesday

 Why did the rooster cross the road? Why, to crow on the other side, of course!  I only wish I had been able to take a video of this guy standing in the driveway and crowing at the house, as if fulfilling his sworn duty to its occupants. The road was treacherously busy that time of the morning, so... I hope everyone is having a good week personally. I know as a nation America is struggling right now. I have been in constant prayer for the good in my country to rise, even among those who had previously chosen a dark path. Some of those people were among my closest friends and family. I struggle with comprehension of how little I knew of their hearts and how to reconcile a future relationship with them. On a very personal note I am going to do something I rarely do but should more often. My husband is suffering from a very serious health issue right now that is challenging due to our circumstances and those of systems. I am asking you, my online friends and anyone who reads this to send

In My Own Little Corner/ SoCS

 Magic happens, dreams come true, and love abounds... “Just as long as I stay in my own little corner...all alone in my own little chair.” When I was quite small this was my favorite holiday film and I had to reenact it for days, using a hand me down white party dress and sing this song just before my Fairy Godmother showed up. How I longed for one of my own. This post brought to you by Linda Hill’ SoCS prompt. Be sure to visit her blog to meet other great bloggers.  


 My life for many years now has been focused on the moments within it, moving from the sense of urgency to stay on a certain course or to reach goal after goal. It is comforting to accept that having an earnest desire to accomplish something and keeping your heart focused on that outcome will bring you to it eventually. Sometimes we are impatient or lose faith in the process and that often leads to our missing the most precious and magnificent moments that are fleeting, ephemeral and magnificent.  As a final salute to the Year That Should Never Have Been, my husband developed serious complications connected to an ongoing physical condition over the past week. Living in another country is daunting when one is accustomed to the processes and patterns of the place we once called home. I won’t go into details in this post but the events of the past week were inextricably entangled in my recent experience with my father who passed away in early November.  We have received the utmost respect

Meet The Neighbors

The best part of my day is laying out fruit for my new feathered friends. So many, so happy, so HUNGRY! So, how did you hear about this place? Bullies even in the natural world What? Do I have pulp on my beak? You should come back on Papaya day. But boy is it crowded.  Gratitude is the way to begin each day I told you to WAIT YOUR TURN!  Why can’t we all just get along? At least for the holidays....  

Open Doors #Badgecontest #Thursdaydoors

 I took this image awhile ago while visiting family in Louisiana. The doors were placed on the lawn of a church. It struck me as a beautiful statement of inclusion at that time and I feel even moreso now it speaks to the need for love and acceptance.  Happy Thursday everyone! Now go on over to  Dan’s Blog  to find more amazing doors and meet some very talented writers and wonderful people.