Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Soul Is a Tomb

My soul is a tomb-
moldy bones of contention
litter the dusty floors 
and congregate in the
murky shadows to avoid
the shards of filtered light
that steal through the gilded
windows, their arches softly
contrasting the hard lines of
mortar and cold stone. 
The faint strains of a waltz
hang on the stale air like
a fog drifting across the
stormy sea of destiny.

My soul is a prison
where cave dwellers make fire
to roast the flesh of dragons
slain by knights on ivory steeds
deep within the forest of lands
ruled by fairies with 
pixie slaves that live among
the thorns of the rose garden
where children in crips linen
dresses and brown britches
play hide and seek with 
gray wolf cubs that venture
into the daylight while their
parents sleep off the night's 
successful run with the red
blood of the farmer's dog  
staining their tongues as they
dream of being eagles.

My soul is a highway
paved with yellow brick,
lined with bright poppies in
shades of crimson, lavender, magenta
to soothe the senses of weary travelers
on their journey from rough hewn
cradle to the quiet shadows of
their final rest.  
They amble and trot, skip, jump,
race, fall, dance, trip and crawl
towards the promised land where
hand in hand they stand to face
the final judgment.

My soul is a legend 
of hunters, servants, kings
and jokers, dancers, builders,
bakers, forsakers and breakers
of hearts, of saints and sinners,
losers and winners, creating each
life with new vigor, new hope, new
understanding and a vow to make 
the next journey more complete 
than the last-without error,
leaving terror of the past behind
liked shreds of colored paper
to litter the road of memory 
with bright distraction-such
attraction impossible to deny
and so begin again..
and again...

For the prison can be breached
and the highway paved with gold
while the legend will be told in the 
etching on the walls within the 

CKP Words and Images Copyright

Monday, January 20, 2020

Muscovey Mayhem

There was no humor on the little lake last Saturday. Muscovey prowess was at stake and the old guy just won’t give it up to the younger fowl. I fear one day soon we may find one of them floating tail up. 😱

This post brought to you by  Linda Hill And the #JusJoJan prompt. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020


To hold the breath of Nature on one’s fingertips
and not understand its magnificence..

To view the intricate perfection of perpetual life
and not be awed into reverent appreciation..

To watch the impeccable choreography of
bloom and wing in silent wonder..

To move with exacting purpose through the 
days of doubt and delight toward the finish line..

To accept the connectedness in  all of Existence 
with pure Love and right intent is

Our world is in crisis. 
She waits
with hope, 
lashing out 
in fear and pain.

CKP words and images 2020

This (late) JusJoJan and #SoCS post is brought to you by the prompt from Linda Hill. Sorry I am so late to the party this weekend. So much has been going on. I promise to do better. Thanks for reading! 
The prompt was to base this post on the title of the last movie I watched which was, in fact, Tremors. 

Love and Light,

Sunday, January 12, 2020


Once upon a lifetime a seed of love finds a fertile place...

in a lonely heart
and plants itself-
waiting, hoping, longing
for the warmth of recognition.

Time passing unnoticed, unreturned and unappreciated, the bloom fading...


hope slipping into dark oblivion
drowned in a sea of tears,
buried treasure.

Silence, masquerading as the forgotten, disguising pain transformed into growth...

heart beats in spite of longing
to be free of sorrow,
no tomorrow
with sharp reminders
of rejection.

Time, the great amnesiac-cajoling, consoling the heart into release....

that past is past and 
gone is gone.
the scar lies

Then gravity takes hold, pulling the soul into the cemetery of regret..

the sweet sting
of remembrance
like the scent of a 
Spring bloom
long gone from the garden,
like a sunset that 
remains unequalled,
free floating once more
as a wisp of Summer air-
unexpected, unfair.

CKP Photos and words 2020

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Then and Now

Today’s combination prompt from Linda Hill for #SoCS and #JusJoJan gives us an interesting change. I love these because they can be so varied.

 This is what I want you to do: 1. Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. That’s it! Have fun!

I was so excited to read something new from the ‘King’ . So far, so good. 

This prompt also fits with what was on my heart and allows me to share something our good blogging friend Damyanti Biswas posted on Instagram yesterday. 

This simple graphic says so much about who we have become as a society. We are civilized to the point of regression. The first human to view their reflection in the water must have been astounded and perhaps felt less alone in their world. That simple appreciation of self awareness has now grown to gargantuan proportions so that seeing oneself in a reflection stirs so many more negative emotions than positive. On the flip side of that, so many are obsessed with their image to the point of sharing it publicly on any media possible for the attention that will come. Humans have grown to be codependent as a race, seeking validation at every turn and unable to accept the simple satisfaction to be gained from a job well done no matter its magnitude. 

When I opened my book today three words from a new chapter stared back at me.

When he saw...

What came to mind was the first chapter of the Bible, the Creation Story. 

When He saw what he had made he knew that it was good.

I have to wonder what our Creator knows about what has become of the original Creation made so lovingly. Can anyone who truly understands the Spirit of Love believe that a loving God would be impressed with uber technology, over population, or the destruction of the very gift we received in that first thought of a god so many claim to live for? Would that God condone the murder of Its Creation for the gain of some of Its children over others? Would that God congratulate the stewards which were created to watch over the heavens and Earth and all living things created before themselves on what they have done with these gifts? 

Many people tell me I am too nice and that this is a weakness. I don’t know any other way to be, for this is what my soul knows of love from where I came. What should be remembered by those who prey on nice people is that it is not a sign of weakness at all. It is our greatest strength, for when everything else falls away, when the masks are removed and there is nothing but our essence that remains, we will not be ashamed of what we brought to this gift called Life. 

I do not aim to belong to any groups or follow any crowds. I don’t mind standing alone if it means my heart is joyful, my soul is at peace and my conscience is clear. If one person remembers me for something kind I have done, then I will consider myself well remembered. 

Have a great #free48 everyone.
Love and Light...

Where two or more are gathered in my name, there is love...
The manatee...gentle giants

Always a favorite of mine.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Duck Drama

Since I missed yesterday’s prompt, part of today’s post is courtesy of John at The Sound of One Hand Typing and yesterdays prompt was given by Jill.

Both are great prompts. I’d like to continue my tale of life on Lake ‘Hawk’s Cove’. Do you recall after my tale of Cormorant eel fishing yesterday that I mentioned the possibility of a more dastardly event taking place on our peaceful little backyard waterworld?

Nature moves in many ways and the course of events isn’t always pleasant. While there are no dingos taking down antelope in our neighborhood, sometimes the wildlife does like to mix it up now and then when temperatures change or the skies rumble. Maybe they just like to strut their stuff.

Whatever got under their feathers, these fellows got into it right after the eel met its fate in the belly of Captain Cormorant. At first hubby and I thought they were...well..making whoopie. But when I started looking through my lens, the magic crystal ball of revelation, I realized the seriousness of the scene unfolding on little Lake Placid. One of those Muskovey ducks was trying to do the other in. I took many more photos than I am sharing but the progression grew more grim as I stood snapping. At one point Captain C paddled over and pecked at the aggressor before quickly retreating to continue circling the pair.

For a frightening moment we thought the victim had been lost as its head was held under water for what seemed too long. Then suddenly it surfaced near the opposite side of the lake, shaken but alive! 

Disaster averted! Whew. My mind was already spinning to the thought of having to watch a dead body drifting on the water for days before anyone came to fish it out. 😱

I now I understand a little more why the Muskovey is not the favorite duck to have on your lake. So much drama! Wish we had a few Black Australian there are some beauties. 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll  share photos from the space launch we watched last night. Right now I have a date with a pillow. Good night! 

For another slant on today’s little word, mix, be sure to stop over to Dan’s place

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Natural Order

I spend a lot of time visiting parks and wildlife reserves in search of the beautiful living things that are found there, and I have hundreds of photos to show that they really are magnificent. We are also very fortunate to have a beautiful neighborhood with a small, man made lake where the ducks and various seabirds visit, hang out and come and go at will. I love them and take photos sometimes. I normally prefer not to disturb the general scene with my presence. The wild birds don’t react much to human presence here near the ocean due to living among the hustle and bustle of city life themselves. The ducks, however, think that anything moving is a potential carrier of food, and come waddling over and disrupting any serenity that exists. It is normally quite mundane and quiet as we sit on the porch sipping coffee on a Saturday morning. 

Yesterday, however, found Nature abuzz with excitement and drama and my hubby-the Spotter-had his eye on the details while I grabbed my camera to try and capture the moments. 

Despite my best effort and good intentions, the dim light and excessive movement of the water did not aid me in getting the best shots. But I think you will be able to get the gist of how the morning events unfolded. 

When any Cormorant or Anhinga begins circling in the water with intent, you can bet they are going fishing. I’ve managed to capture images of both birds fishing and get photos of them with their little silvery prizes; so when hubby alerted me that the Cormorant in question had caught something, I grabbed the camera and started to shoot. But I was soon to realize that this was no ordinary catch. At first I thought it was a snake. Wouldn’t you? 

But as I watched the usual process of my feathered friend trying to position its prey for proper swallowing, I noticed it didn’t look like any ordinary snake. It looked like it had fins! I told my hubby and he began looking this up on the internet while I kept snapping. First we decided it was a snakehead fish. Then we found out there were multiple kinds of fish that looked like snakes. It would only be after I looked more closely at the digital images that we would discover exactly what our friend had removed from the little lake. It was an invasive Asian Eel. 

It would appear our wise fishing friend had succeeded in fulfilling his obligation to the natural order. He was quite proud of himself as well, strutting around the lake for a couple of hours after he had swallowed the treat, bathing in the fountain and drying his wings.

He even tried to break up an attempted Muskovey murder. But....that’s a story for another day. Ducks with ill intentions. 

Have a great week everyone! Keep a sharp eye out for invasive eels in your bathtubs, toilets and dishwashers. 🤣😳

This post sponsored by Linda Hill’s JusJoJan prompt/.

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