Thursday, May 19, 2022

Paint It Red! #TDWC


“Follow the yellow brick road,

Follow the..


she exclaimed when she saw the door,

“I have a bad feeling-

we’ve been here before!”

“C’mooon, we hafta,”

wept the one with the tail

that he twisted so tightly

he made himself wail.

“But you want to go home,

don’t you my dear?”

the stuffy one

whispered into her ear.

“You know the script

and it all ends well.

You’ll be back before supper,

and isn’t that swell?”

She scrunched up her nose,

staunchly defiant.

“I am my own person!

I won’t be reliant

on the fool who blows smoke


the one who determines my fate

with the stroke

of black ink..

I think 

he drinks, 

you know.”

“I’ve got it!”

the metal man shouted,

“We’ll hide!”

“You won’t get inside,”

the cackle cried.

Now just lie down like a good little girl

and follow the script that determines

your world.


she shouted,

“The end must be routed

to my satisfaction


not the distraction

of sickly bright green

the deceptions between

the familiar lines

we repeat..


and again.

“Well, what should we do?”

asked the man in the rags.

“Do I return to the forest?”

wailed the beast whose fur sags.

“If I only had a heart..”

bemoaned the tin can,

“Then I would be such a 

compassionate man.”

(As it is I don’t see why you complain)

She dropped the basket and the furry mix

whose fault it had been she was in such a fix.

“I’m staying right here!”

she exclaimed as she plopped.

“He can’t do this! He must be stopped!”

“Don’t you want to go home?”

they all were confused.

“Can’t you see we’ve all been abused?”

She was indignant, what folly!


the crone cooed.

“Oh stop it!”

The girl pointed,

“You’re just being rude!”

She kicked off her slippers

(They’re ruby, you know)

and laid herself down

beneath the sun’s glow.

“I like poppies,”

she sighed, as the gang settled in,

“Just feel their beauty, let it all in.”

The wizard was waiting-

He’d practiced his lines,

the monkeys were preening,

awaiting their shines.

“What’s this!?”

cried the witch,

“What kind of switch

have you played?”

“Oh hush! And take them if you must,

I’ll get by without them, you make such a fuss!”

“Take them,”

she yawned, staring into the blue,

“And be gone before someone 

drops a house on you!”

Glinda frowned.

“Well isn’t that fine!”

She thumped her crown.

“She’s stolen my line!”

She sighed and sat down.

“Poppies, Glinda, just breathe them in,”

coaxed the girl wearing

a broad dreamy grin. 

“This is our story now, all is calm,

Isn’t that right, you old bastard, Baum?”

And as an aside she turned her head

“I really think we should paint the road red!”

Cheryl Pennington Copyright words

Photo by Janis of Retirementally Challenged

This post is part of Dan Antion’s #TDWC prompt

If you’d like to join the fun, follow the link to his page for the rules 

Friday, May 6, 2022

More Boquete Doors #ThursdayDoors


The door looking out of the shipping store. And more doors across the street.

Sadly, this warehouse for one of the grocery/hardware outlets burned up yesterday. We could see the flames from our picture window across town! Fortunately nothing around it was affected. 

We knew it was something big!

A bit of Cinco de Mayo celebration at a new family venue close to where we lived last year. Great burger and fries and I enjoyed a nice Passionfruit Margarita. 

It’s an open air restaurant so every opening is a ‘door’.

And the view…

I loved this bit of art in downtown Boquete and it seemed like a doorway or portal to walk down the street underneath these umbrellas in the national colors of Chiriqui Province where we live. 

Pretty huh? 

This is our favorite place for garden supplies. It is actually a farming supply store and you can buy baby chicks here! 

Just a little ‘this and that’ store, one of many along the streets of town. 

There are literally barber shops on every corner here. 

I have no idea what’s going on here. It isn’t a lavadero that I can see but it does look like someone wears the same pants a lot. 

Pssst…Ropa means clothing so…

These beauties emerge from

This kind of door. πŸ™‚ I love my Fuschia ladies. 

Bridge portals are always fun, especially those single car bridges! 😱

This one has been closed since Covid started.

There are a lot of indigenous house along the mountain roads. So many beautiful people..❤️

And well this is just..a carrot cascade! 

This chicken was heading home. That’s why it crossed the road, of course! 

A door of sorts. 

A simple house with doors. 

I hope you enjoyed our excursion. I’ll include some landscape shots below because it was a beautiful drive! 

For more great doors posts and to join the fun hope over to Dan’s blog and have a great weekend! 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

And That’s That! #SoCS

Skating in with this one, my friends, but here I am with my post for Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt. 

Visit Linda’s blog for the rules and you can meet other terrific bloggers. 

Tongue in cheek,
end of the week
Now you see it

Now you don’t! 

And when it comes to leaky roofs..

The water must go,

No! Oh no! 

The level

is zero! 

Never fear,

Repairs were made

and paint was sprayed,

but on account of rain

fun is still delayed! 

Maybe we can just listen to some tunes..

Not my favorite but it fits the bill, as it were. 


How’d I do, Linda? 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Boquete Doors #ThursdayDoors

 I admit I am so lax about photographing the doors I see. Often I do remember, then lose track of them in my photo cache. More often than not, my attention is drawn to something living, usually with wings. 😏🀷‍♀️

See? Wings. They might fly away while the doors are.. well, stationary. πŸ™‚

But I do have doors and there are some interesting doors here in Panama,

leading to great things and experiences.

Welcome to Berliner Coffee Station. This little gem of a coffee house is situated on the main road, about halfway to town and makes a great midpoint stop if we’re walking down. 

Inside this case are delectable treats, both sweet and savory.

This coffee venue is part of the Ruiz coffee farm, a prominent established coffee grower in Panama. The coffee is wonderful and there are many varieties. The baristas inside are knowledgeable and ready to share the history of this coffee as well as recommend various drinks to suit your tastes. The Chocolate Frappe and Mochacino are my favorites by far, but even the regular brew is nice.

The inside is quaint and inviting but the patio is the place to be!

Whether it’s Mocha and a warm Cinnamon Raisin cookie

Or yummy cheesecake and coffee con leche

What really makes everything taste perfect is the magnificent view. 

But, then everywhere you turn in Boquete offers a magnificent view! 

To learn more about this amazing place and its history, as well as product availability, visit the link here Berliner Coffee Station

How about this view?

This one is in real time. Good morning! πŸ˜ƒ 

But this is my favorite view. 

Wouldn’t be much fun without this guy.

This post is part of Dan Antion’s #Thursday Doors prompt. Should you want to join in the fun and meet some incredible bloggers, run over to his place here No Facilities
You’ll be glad you did! 
PS Dan is writing a series of intriguing books. I should know, I’m reading them now. You can find out about them in his special post Here 

Be sure to have a drink while you’re there. 
He has the best bartender..πŸ˜‰



Wednesday, April 20, 2022

When Will It End? #1LinerWednesday


The Manatee, commonly known as the Sea Cow, are gentle herbivorous aquatic giants.
They have a prehistoric quality that leaves one in awe. Viewing them through a camera lens is like a meditation. Their slow movement as they glide through the water slows the pulse and soothes the soul.

They are familial and communal, moving in groups to feed along the bottom of springs and mangroves.
During colder months they migrate to inland areas like warm springs in Florida where the waters are normally warmer.

But these incredible creatures are dying in record numbers. 
The list is familiar:
Exposure to harmful algae due to increasing water pollution
This has caused a loss of seagrass and decreased their food source
Watercraft injure and kill manatee and the numbers increase every year
Human generated trash that ends up in waterways ensnare them. They are curious by nature and ingest plastic debris, often ending in fatality
In over 6500 manatee necropsy reports from 1993 to 2012, more than 11% that died ingested or were entangled in marine debris.
In 2021 the death record of the manatee was broken at 841. 
When will it end? 
When will we care?
When will Nature give up on us? 
We are running out of time.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Where Are the Words? #memories

When your heart is too full to express itself, words often don’t seem adequate. I’ve been in that place many times, more often when happy than sad. Pure joy is inexplicable to me but sorrows beg for expression as a means of purging. 

When I feel pain the words flow as tears from my heart. And sometimes the situation falls in between expression and emptiness. 

Today is my Mama’s birthday. She would have been 86. Or 87. Depending on whether you could trust her birth certificate or her mother. There was much debate over this issue in the family because one date left her a year older than my Dad which, apparently, was not what she wanted. It was funny from the outside looking in. He would have been 86 this coming August so no matter how you date it, she was still older. ❤️

To say I loved my mother was an understatement. She passed away at the young age of 45, leaving me feeling lost and fearful. She had always been my touchstone for my sense of who I was. As long as Mama was there to smile, to talk to and put her hand on my head, I knew I would be alright. Then she was gone. 

She was ill for a long time but we always prayed she would be well. She passed exactly two weeks before my oldest son was born. My advisor, confidante and comforter was no longer there. The thing that kept me going was being a mother myself. I wanted to be for them what I loved so much about my own mother and family. Or I tried. I like to think I made enhancements to what I considered a lovely childhood. Up until my teen years when she became ill.

If anyone ever questions a mother’s role as a lead in the family unit I will tell them that, while both parents are essential to a child’s well-being, it is the mother who more often than not holds it all together. She all too often moves quietly through her overwhelming responsibilities, smiling for the sake of everyone even when she feels like crying. She loves unconditionally, gives freely and seldom complains. She is there for family, friends and her husband, often to her own detriment. 

My Mama..

Had a free spirit and was fiercely independent 

My Mama..

Was Lucy to my Aunt Dee’s Vivian. 
They laughed, they cried and shared a life before she met my Dad, Dee’s brother.
My Paw Paw chose my Mama for my Dad’s brother but once they met she only had eyes for him

My Mama..

Never laughed at our whims or desires. 
Even the ridiculous high heels I wanted in the sixth grade. 
My Sunday school teacher did that for her. 
He was dreamy and smart and I definitely listened to him. 🀦‍♀️

My Mama..

Loved her family and carried no grudges over her own sad childhood. 
We spent many weekends visiting the relatives in New Orleans and sharing holidays.

My Mama..

Helped me with the only wedding attire I would ever wear. I was a flower girl in my cousin’s big wedding. I learned early on that I never wanted a big wedding. I had better things to do with my money and peace of mind. Still.. this was fun. But that perm! 😱

My Mama..

Cared for others before herself. We had good friends known to us as ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ that were not relations. If someone ever helped her along the way, they became her family. 
We visited these folks often. They had cattle and my Uncle Ernie always smelled of soured milk. We picked pecans on their property and my Aunt Ruth’s old house was like a strange museum. 
She made heavenly oatmeal cookies. Yeah, in that bag. Silly me thought they would all be mine! 🀣
I remember that blue coat. She had a beautiful rhinestone pin she wore on the lapel for church. I have it now.πŸ™‚

My Mama…

Loved her family history.
My great grandpa Treadway. You can see where my Irish comes from.

My Mama..

Loved her own Daddy more than anything.
Every vacation to the Ozarks to see him and his father was a treasured time for al of us. 

My Mama..

Never went to my Daddy’s softball games. She thought she would jinx him. 
I must admit the one time I attended one with her there they lost. 
I think it was really because she didn’t enjoy the ‘guy banter’ and the wives showing out in front of each other and their respective husbands.

My Mama..

Was the original ‘Birthday Faerie”, always making us feel very special on our day. 
Birthdays have always been special to me and I try to honor others on their special day.
We always got to pick our cake that she baked and got a new outfit to wear. πŸ₯°

That cake was chocolate with blue frosting. 
On my 13th birthday she was unable to bake my cake so my Daddy bought one at the best bakery in town. It was vanilla with buttercream frosting and roses. 
I was broken hearted. πŸ’”

My Mama..

Loved Spring time, new beginnings and all it meant. 

She loved Easter and made sure our baskets were special with all the usual treats but one unique candy that each of us liked particularly was always hidden deep in the plastic grass.
We died eggs and had a hunt but with plastic eggs. The boiled ones went into the potato salad we had with our ham. πŸ˜‹

My Mama..

Taught me how to bake. My Daddy taught me how to cook. He was the gumbo/jambalaya king. 
They both encouraged my creative interests which have stuck with me. 

My Mama…

Just missed this little guy’s birth. 
I like to think they brushed past one another at Eternity’s door.

My Mama..

Would have loved all these guys! 

I still can’t believe my Mama..

Missed out on all my treasures

And theirs..

My Mama…

Meant Love and Family to me. I miss her every day. 
This is for you, Mama. Please hug Daddy for me. πŸ€—πŸ€—

These are a few of her favorites..

I just recently found out a dear acquaintance passed away last October. This man was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and friend. I worked with him for several years. He had so many stories about the war and his life. He will be missed but now he joins his sweet wife.  He was devastated to lose her some years back unexpectedly. 
I made him a mixed tape back then and he chose one song that was his favorite, saying that was how he felt about his wife’s untimely parting. It happens to be one of my favorites as well. 
This one is for you, Mr Lamon..