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Life’s Like This/Complicated

One minute you feel caged in, unable to shine.. The next, you’re riding on air!  Don’t give up, don’t give in.  Just wait a minute,  feel yourself in it and start all  over again   
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Mr. Lizard’s Wild Ride

  “ And like a true nature’s child,  he was born, born to be wild…”

My Pad or Yours? #SoCS

  My dear, how sad  you look today. Put down your load, come out to play!  The sun is high, the breeze is soft, tickling my wings, carried aloft I soar!  I see it now and wonder how you can resist another tryst with life. The twinkle waits deep in your eye, the hint of smile lingering by, So why do you hesitate?  Come closer, yes and now you see how grand a day you’d spend with me in Paradise. Spread your wings high, come with me-fly!  The moonbeams wait, we can’t be late this time! Ocean waves crash and mountains peak thrills standing by for those who seek them out.  We’ll sip the dew from a rose petal, the red of course, oh why settle for the pink? Come along now, please don’t tarry! Today is the day  Toad will marry Miss Frog. It will be grand, the pond will sing, the faeries dance, the spiders swing from silken strands. And then, when spent we languid lie beneath the moon, where fireflies  like lanterns glow. Now aren’t you glad you came outside, leaving shadows instead to hide in

Nothing From Nothing/#SoCs

  Ode to What Is Before we flew  we broke the code and thus into the unknown rode on gossamer wings, such lovely things we saw along the way. Stardust Faeries,  goo goo dolls, buffalo swarms Martian spitballs! We ne’er did stop to smell the toads or wonder at  pink nematodes, too focused on  the unseen treasure. We watched it pass without a measure  of regret. Laughing, crying, we left the dying  to float away, forgot to say, “Farewell, so sorry!” Nothing learned,  everything lost, no one dared to count the cost of reckless life. No good could come of human mis-living Existence can be  so unforgiving. We wrote the book of our own demise with swords dipped in   the blood of the wise. Click. Suicide mode on, gone the old ideal, forgetting all that we knew as beautiful and real. We fell so quickly, our wings how they flamed, more vicious and base as all others we blamed.  Into the barren  wasteland we strode, hungry, thirsty as the truth of it flowed over our souls like a river of fire, g

One Man’s Delight/#1LinerWednesday

My Dad’s birthday was Monday. He would have been 85. It’s been nearly a year since he passed. There is just so much to miss about the enigmatic hero that he was in my life. The one certain thing he gave us was love. I knew he loved me, always. From bringing me tinkling glasses of ice water in the middle of the night to teaching me how to shoot hoops or spin a boy’s football yoyo I got during the gift exchange at school because they ran out of ‘girl gifts’. 🤦‍♀️ I could write a book (someday I will) about my life with Daddy, but for now I just want to honor him with something he loved most. Fun, whimsy and humor.  One of my favorite memories of him is of us sitting on the front porch at my Grandpa’s house up in Mountain Home, Arkansas where we went every Summer for vacation. Our legs dangled over the edge of the warm wood and the night was dark but for the stars and fireflies-so many fireflies to chase! He was singing his repertoire of little ‘ditties’ to my brother and I.  Right now I

Faeries at Twilight

Over the past year it has been a struggle for most of us to feel encouraged, hopeful or positive. I personally lost a career, another ‘familiar life’ and a beloved parent. We are still not in an ideal situation as my husband’s health takes the forefront of our thoughts and activities.  We are blessed to have family around us. Their love is healing and comforting; but we long to be on our own again, living a simple uncluttered life and a return to good health. As is my practice, I find peace in the world around me, the non chaotic busyness of the natural world. My walks are my meditation, the breath of Earth fills me with energy and her children whisper the promise of hope. If they can hope in the face of certain devastation, who am I to give in to despair?  Each day she shows me the bright spot…. Every time I go outside, something miraculous happens. Whether it is finding feathers 🪶 or watching the bees and butterflies as they court the blossoms that parade across the Summer landscape

Peace, Love and Catfish #ThursdayDoors

 Hi All,  I’m stepping up my game this week. Two posts in one week is a new record for me. I’d love to return to normal eventually.  In keeping with what appears to be a theme with me, my doors are often just the tip of the iceberg for my post content and today is no exception.  We were invited to join family and friends for a camping excursion at the Platte River. In our life raising children we have camped many ways-tents mostly with a few cabin events. As we get older, tenting is less desirable but cabins with primitive setups outside are the best. This place measures top of the scale for me and the cabin chosen was in a perfect spot. It was on a hill overlooking the lake with a short path to a beautiful grassy hollow where hammocks could be hung and there was a cool breeze in the shade. A few more steps to the lake and you could cast your line.  Everyone caught catfish, including moi! It was my first time to actually fish and even though I hurled the rod at the hubs to reel him in,