Sunday, February 16, 2020

Turn, Turn, Turn..

At the heart of every success
is the desire to be-
to bee
not to bee
is not the question
for we have no choice;
if life is to be lived
fully, robustly-
carving our
path on
the face of

To shine,
to glow,
create and grow
without giving pause
to the studied cause
of every other soul
that makes the sum of
a whole world.

The world that spins
in spite of the sins
that steal its breath,
infecting the breadth
of its expanse.

Expanding, shrinking,
the universe sinking 
in on herself
as the bees
buzz on blindly,
ignoring her kindly
advising them to

Their intoxication
brings elation,
numbing the brain
as softly the rain
starts to fall-
the parched land.

They understand
But far too too late
 to change their fate
and flapping wildly,
their buzzing
cries turn
to gurgling sounds
and truth abounds
in the waves crashing,
their futile thrashing
changes nothing.

everything else
so still..

and still
begins the distant sound
of the soft whirring-
Existence stirring
the bees to life
once more, 
but nothing like 
the bees before.

How many bees,
how many floods,
how much sorrow,
and spilling of blood
must she suffer
before they learn? 
Turn, turn, turn.

CherylKP copyright 2020


  1. The essence of this message has gone unheard for centuries. I'm not sure what it will take, but bless you for trying.

    1. If we stop trying it means we give up. I can’t give up with so much at stake. At least my soul will be satisfied. 😊

  2. Whew! Powerful images. If we lose the bees . . .


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