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Saving a World/#Book Preview

  In these most trying of times I am working to finish the book that seeded itself in my heart and soul over ten years ago.  I wanted to share a bit of the story with you today.  Never give up hope, don't wait for someone else to do the hard stuff and remember you are never, ever alone.... From:  Forever Never/Dawn of the Dream Images, and words Copyright of CKP 2020/since 2007 *** Round and round the circle goes but where it ends no soul can know Eternity, no boundary, by whim or whit Life’s flame is lit. though flesh may rot the soul will not and so the circle spins.. In the heart of the Realm Bandia made her case for the humans of Inion’s world, imploring her mother to turn once more to her first Creation and heed their call for help.   “What they have done on their own is more than commendable, Mother Inion.  From the ashes of ruin, the humblest of them took what was left and made it beautiful again.  Their hearts have healed and resilience has been their support and friend. Ca

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

If I had a hammer....   Sing it Little Man! Can we get a backup please? You can change the world


 Let me begin by saying I know how the general population (and more than a few of my friends) feels about snakes.  While I personally have a general healthy respect for them and prefer to keep my distance, I also understand their value in the chain of life.  Most of us who live or grew up near natural habitats were taught at some point how to tell the difference between deadly and non poisonous snakes. We have all learned some form of rhyme associated with such distinctions, although I am quite certain that in a face off with a snake I would be at a total loss to recall such a thing and would likely away-quickly!  Here is one of those rhymes: “Red and black, friend to Jack, Red and yellow kill a fellow.” Of course some of the most deadly snakes have none of these colors.  I prefer to adhere to the more common assumption that a friendly,  non poisonous snake will have a more rounded shape to its head with its eyes on either side, while a diamond or pointed snout with eyes on top of the

Monday Moments

 I haven’t had a lot of spare time, or brain cells in the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone’s posts because it warms my heart to connect even for the briefest moments. It is painful when the people you love so much and who held the highest places of honor in your hearts and minds begin to fail mentally.  The truth is that everything moves on, whether we like it or not, and the best we can ever hope to accomplish is being part of the flow of life and accepting its unfolding. No amount of tears, anger or denial will stop its movement. Sometimes struggling can cause one to sink and face drowning in sorrow. I find it is best, in those moments, to let go and just drift with the tide, release the struggle to control anything-including my own perceptions-and just look up. Cloud watching is very meditative. Sometimes there are wonderful surprises to be found in those deceptive puffs of tantalizing white delight. Happy thoughts, amusing imagery, fond memories of lying in

I’m Alive

Happy Labor Day, I suppose, for today is the day set aside to honor those who toil every day of their lives to make the world go around or just to make lots of money which also makes the world go around. Truthfully, commerce has became so entangled I’m not sure what is beneficial or detrimental to our mental health and bank accounts. What once seemed to be a necessity for survival has become, more often than not, a battle over wealth. Once upon a time humans had to scratch the earth, take up weapons and struggle to survive every day they wished to live. While in these modern times there are shinier prizes and fancier clothes, housing and more things to entertain us, I feel the struggle is no less real. The difference is that while too many humans are still working themselves to death to eat, to live and provide for their families, all too many are doing it not just for themselves but so that other humans can enjoy lives of ease, comfort and abundance. Wealth has become a disease in mod

My How You’ve Grown!! #1linerWednesday

 One day pecking cautiously out of porcelain shells...fuzzy balls of pure innocence. Then you blink.... And they’re all grown up! 😞 Five weeks later there’s a family reunion at the house! And they say kids and cats grow fast! 😀💕