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Saving a World/#Book Preview


In these most trying of times I am working to finish the book that seeded itself in my heart and soul over ten years ago.  I wanted to share a bit of the story with you today.  Never give up hope, don't wait for someone else to do the hard stuff and remember you are never, ever alone....

From: Forever Never/Dawn of the Dream

Images, and words Copyright of CKP 2020/since 2007


Round and round the circle goes

but where it ends no soul can know

Eternity, no boundary,

by whim or whit

Life’s flame is lit.

though flesh may rot

the soul will not

and so the circle spins..

In the heart of the Realm Bandia made her case for the humans of Inion’s world, imploring her mother to turn once more to her first Creation and heed their call for help.  

“What they have done on their own is more than commendable, Mother Inion.  From the ashes of ruin, the humblest of them took what was left and made it beautiful again.  Their hearts have healed and resilience has been their support and friend. Can you not see the color that once more blushes the face of Domhan?”

Inion conceded that she did, indeed, feel the vibrance of living essence returning to her beloved Domhan, the first of her creations, the one that had been the catalyst of all other creation to follow.  Still, it seemed to be lacking the heart that once defined the core of its brilliance.  Inion wanted to believe her daughter and allow herself to hope, but there was still the barrier that kept its inhabitants from reaching out, from turning to those in the Realm for the help they needed. 

“And what of the Light Ones, Bandia?” she asked quietly.  “They were so broken by my brother’s dark creation that they scattered to their own hiding places, forgetting their vows of stewardship on M’na’s world.  And what of your daughter, M’na?  She has abandoned her place as Keeper and remains in hiding.  What kind of loving Mother does such a thing to her children?”  

Bandia hesitated thoughtfully, “The same kind of Mother who does not answer the prayers of her children because they cannot communicate as they once did.  Perhaps M’na is as cut off from her children as you are to your world, Mother Inion.  Your vision for Domhan has never died.  It has been kept alive by its First Son, born of the flesh by M’na and her companion, Fireann.  Amhain has never stopped searching for his mother, has never given up hope that his brother still lives; and now he has awakened that hope within the hearts of the Light Ones.”

Inion was silent, considering the truth of such possibility.  So many eons had passed since her young soul created Domhan, so many more balanced and stable creations spun throughout the realms that she had given up on its survival.  There was no such thing as time in her existence, and memory was merely a wisp of ether. 

“And how is it that you know these things, daughter?” She asked. “When A’rtine tainted my world with his dark magic, we had to close all the portals, leaving the humans to fend for themselves.  We told them to look for the signs that we were still with them but they grew silent and pitiable.  I longed to hear their voices and to feel their love, yet their pain created a barrier too dense for counsel.  Do not the birds still sing?  Do not the rivers flow and the mountains rise to the heavens?  Do not things grow and walk and give them sustenance?  Our voices are within all living essence on Domhan, and yet they need physical proof that we, their Creators, exist  and that they are not alone?  Where is their faith?”

“It has been beaten down by Mac’s son, A’rtine!  He continues to speak to them, perpetually digging for those cracks in the souls of the broken, working to destroy all that we created, all that we loved…that I love still.”  Bandia stopped, fearful she had said too much too soon.  She knew that time on her Mother’s world was speeding by and if they did nothing, it could mean the destruction of such a perfect creation. “They are special,” she continued softly.  “There is something divinely perfect in their soul’s imperfection.  None in this Realm is perfect but for Mor. Isn’t it our purpose to love and to teach?”

(In that moment Bandia greatly pleased the thought of Mor.  There was always room for growth in The All That Was, thus Its essence of Love would be increased. )

Mother the portals have once again been opened, by love and the desire to survive!” she blurted out, all at once.  She waited but Inion was silent.  “Please take a look Mother Inion and see for yourself.  Domhan itself is slowly dying because M’na is missing; but the humans..I can still feel her.  She is somehow separated from Domhan but no one knows why-or how it happened.  A’rtine has become ruthless in his search, thinking she will be the key to his power over your world.  Total power if he possesses her. All are seeking her out, with her son being the most persistent of them all.. until now.” 

“What do you mean, daughter?” Inion was listening.

“The Hunter,  the Warrior, and….” she began.

“And what of our Sorceress?” Inion knew she held the true power of the Realm within her being but refused to accept its responsibility. 

“She is with them as well!  She and the Warrior are together now-as one.  Their combined power could be the one thing which drives A’rtine from your world.  

“Together?  You mean, joined in the physical?  I thought the Warrior had chosen a human companion.”

“He did, but their union was not strong enough to survive their loss after Damanta’s reign of terror.  In the battle she fought bravely but lost her unborn child.  She detached from Laoch, but he did not abandon her, Mother Inion.   She helped the Hunter to raise Eagna’s daughter and now lives with him.   Eolas grieved endlessly when Eagna was killed by the fire breathing beast that stole your dream of perfection on Domhan.  Where is Eagna’s soul now, Mother?  Has she been reborn on other worlds? And what of Fireann?

Inion didn’t want to answer the question for it would only encourage her daughter’s idea that Domhan was somehow more special than her other creations.  It would cause her to question the very idea of perfection, for there was no darkness and no violence on those other worlds.  They were beautiful and balanced, harmonic and peaceful.  How could Inion admit to the goddess that neither soul, even after so long, would move on?  They waited and watched from the Realm, always thinking of those they left behind.  It was remarkable, their devotion after being human. She needed more information to make her decision.

“Who opened the portals?” Inion demanded.   “A’rtine was forbidden to use them ever again as well as all others within the Realm.”  

“It was the Sorceress, along with her Warrior…and the children, even though they were separated from their parents.  The children used the power stones.  Agean is very bright and Saol devoted to him.”  

Inion was drawn into possibility beyond turning back, her soul’s youthful essence rising once again. Hope did, indeed, remain for her first creation. 

“They were very careful with the power,” Bandia went on.  “Well, they tried to be; but the dark son of Mac lives for the slightest opportunity to impose himself on your world.  He exists to wreak havoc.”

 “You mean…” Inion began

“Yes, he knows the portals are open and he, too,  searches for M’na.”  This was the part that was most difficult to share.  “He  has….a human helping him.”  Bandia was saddened to share this information most of all.  Inion and Mac had grown closer as the  twin souls they were created to be during the time that Domhan had fallen silent.  This would surely test that new relationship. 

“He knows much but not all,” the goddess continued.  “In focusing on only that which he wishes to control, he forgets that the humans are resilient, wise and very devoted to the Realm.  You may not have heard their prayers, Mother Inion, but I heard every one.  I never left them alone even though they could no longer hear me.  I never gave up hope that they would trust I was with them and someday recall their true purpose. “

Inion was proud of her daughter’s love and the way she had changed from the arrogant, self absorbed Goddess she had once been, born of Inion’s own sense of loneliness and desire to create.  That desire was what powered Existence, after all. Perhaps there was hope for the humans if those within the Realm could evolve, could become more…Mor. The thought of pleasing her Father made Inion smile.

“Come with me, Mother Inion,” Bandia implored.   “The Jinetes are nearing the heart of darkness in the Black Mountains. Already A’rtine’s servant has tried to stop them.  Domhan itself is dying and losing its ability to sustain them.  It misses its Mother, M’na, as the land grows cold and cruel.  A’rtine’s magic is strong and he is not afraid to use it.  We must assure the Light Ones that their power is greater than his, that we are with them and trust them to use it wisely.”

Inion hesitated no more.  “We will go to them, but it has to be in the right moment, for our time there is always short.  The physical plane is simply too dense to sustain us.  Bandia, do they have help from others on M’na’s world?” 

“The Hunters and Warriors of Juntos go there now.  And, Mother Inion, they were drawn there by the smallest among them-the same children who used the stones to open the portal, those whose love has not been tainted by judgment or doubt.”

“Who are these children, Bandia?” 

“One is the son of Naofa and Laoch.  The Sorceress and Warrior have always shared a connection and were drawn together long ago, when A’rtine was toying with the Sorceress.  He had his own selfish agenda for seeing them together, with their power joined.  He is a foolish one to not consider that such power could be used to stop him. From that interference a child was born. ”

“So, you harbor no more affection for the son of my brother, Bandia?”  Inion never forgot the Goddess’s constant excuses and forgiving nature towards A’rtine in the beginning. 

“No more than Mor loves us all, Mother.  How can I continue to love him in any other way, he that does not value love at all?”

“Who is the other child, then?”  

“Saol, the daughter of Eolas and Eagna.  The children have become quite close.  I can see a lifetime of companionship between them…if such a lifetime is allowed to continue its path.”  Bandia was very happy to think of it.  

“It is good, then.  M’na’s world will need strong unions to survive once she is found. “ 

“Oh yes!” Bandia agreed and added,   “Agean, the son of our Sorceress, seems to have inherited her ability to transform.  We did not expect this, did we? The children slipped away from their village with Eolas’ daughter on his back-Agean transformed himself into a horse! It’s not exactly a white tiger, but it is brilliant wouldn’t you say?”

“Have you seen this transformation yourself?”  Inion’s interest was piqued.

“Oh yes, Mother.  As I said, I have been keeping watch over your children all along.  They know I am there.  They do pray, they meditate and commune.  Perhaps now you can see it once more for yourself.” 

“I look forward to seeing them again,” Inion answered.  “And, Bandia, do what you can to awaken the rest of Domhan.  Tell them to go to the Black Mountains-as many as you can awaken.”

“Yes, Mother.  The Cave Dwellers have already begun the journey.”  Bandia assured.

“Why them, of all the others?” Inion asked. They were simple workers, not the like the tribes of Hunters and Warriors.

“It was one of their own who was taken the night of the Devastation, stolen from her home and family amidst the smoke and flame of destruction.  Damanta carried them into the mountain caves.”

“What do you mean ‘them’, and for what reason, daughter?” 

“Why, to care for the Realm’s great hope-Dochais, the second born of Domhan’s Keepers.   He is just as we hoped he would be, Mother.  That is why we have to find M’na to join her sons once more.  We have to help them now. This female of the caves-she also cares for A’rtine’s flying beast.”

“It still lives?” Inion asked.  “And what of As’me?  Does this human know the soul of A’rtine’s daughter is trapped within its body?”

“Yes, Mother, she knows.  I advised her to try and draw As’me out before the beast is driven to destruction again. Perhaps this time she will be stronger, her will to live giving her the determination to overpower it.”

“As soon as they open another portal,  daughter, we will go to them….” 

Stay tuned......🤗

May you be the Light you seek in the world, for some day you may be the last and only hope.  


  1. Cheryl, this project has fascinated me since I first learned of it. I am so happy that it's coming to fruition, and I wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks so much Dan. I feel like you’ve been such a big part of it. 🙂

  2. You do indeed tease my friend! I hope it will be smooth sailing from here on . . .

    1. Thank you Pam. It is the ending which is most daunting. I have read too many books that intrigue then fall flat in the end. I appreciate your good wishes.have a great week!


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