Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Walk With Me #1LinerWednesday

I wanted to share a photo from my hike yesterday but after reading the current US headline stories I think a virtual walk with me through photos is in order. 

I spend a lot of time in prayer for the light beings in this world. There is a force that fears the feminine and is doing all it can to crush, kill and destroy women in whatever way it can. It uses hungry men and fawning women to do its work. It lies, cajoles, barters and threatens its way into power. If it is allowed victory our world will perish. Peace and chaos cannot coexist. It is no longer enough to pray for peace in our quiet closets. We must be the peace we seek and speak out against the manipulations and injustices. 

This hike was on the Pipeline Trail, a slow rising trail that ends at a nice waterfall. We didn’t see Quetzals on this walk although I have seen them before. I hope you feel the peace it brought to me. 

Gentle water flows down the mountain on either side of the trail, adding a musical aspect to the walk

The first part of the trail is quite rocky but wide, so not treacherous. Where the rocks are larger you have to step carefully lest you slip and twist and ankle. The entire trail is a gradual uphill climb but not overwhelming if you are in moderately good shape.

There are several places where you cross the water and you can use the old bridges or the low pipeline crossings. 

“Please don’t throw trash, thank you.”

The trail is like a chameleon, changing its appearance as you walk. It is well worn so there is never a question of which way to go.

The sun through the trees is one of my favorite things. It plays hide and seek in the forest. That is our neighbor and avid hiker behind me. Hubby can’t do these long hikes anymore, but it is nice to find a friend to walk with. 

This leaf was so cool! Both sides have this design but it is more than an imprint. The inside shape is ‘stitched’ from the stem of the same rigid material. 

One of the pipe bridges. 

The trees are so tall and majestic.  Standing under them in the forest gives a sense of ancient connection. They never change, always reaching up to the light. 

Besides the 1000 year old Mexican Elm, the forest is full of very large, obviously old trees

I love the natural made steps. 

Now and then there are sunlit places

Here we are! About 3/4 of the way up stands the most magnificent Mexican Elm. It is over a thousand years old. 

I had to photograph it in two shots! Wouldn’t you love to know what it has witnessed in its lifetime here on Earth? 

The best part is being able to climb over the roots and touch the heartbeat of this gentle giant. 


This is a Central American guard rail. That was a steep drop and the last time I hiked the trail the rail was not there. There has been some obvious erosion since last year. That path was only about two feet wide at this point. 

The end! Beyond this hollow is the waterfall. Last year there was no water in it and I climbed those rocks the hard way-carrying my Nikon! I didn’t bring it this time, wanting instead to enjoy the trail unencumbered. I passed on crossing the water and climbing the other side but my friend went and said it was very pretty. There is a bluff up there that is magnificent. 

I wish you could feel the peace here..

Yep, these feet were happy to chill for awhile.

While we didn’t see the Resplendent Quetzal, we did get a private viewing of this lovely glasswing butterfly. They take my breath away and are so ethereal.

We saw a lot of other butterflies, including some of the tiniest I have ever seen! 

A bit of pipeline history here. My friend was on oil field expert and was interested in all the old valves and fixtures. I took this photo for Dan 🙂

This little beauty was only about an inch long. It flitted more than a hummingbird but finally slowed enough to give me a photo op.

The views.. oh the views. 

The trail follows farmland and is on private property. This cabbage field had been pretty well harvested but a few remaining plants made for a nice shot

Being in the mountains is wonderful but standing in front of a huge hill like this is always breathtaking, reminding us just how small we are on this world.

Someone edged their garden with sunflowers! 

While we didn’t see the Quetzal on this hike, I wanted to show you my photos from last time so you can see what we missed. 

Well, I had trouble finding last year’s image so I am sharing this one from our hike in Savegre, Costa Rica in 2014. You can see why they call it Resplendent. This is the National bird of Guatemala and appears on their paper currency.  

I hope you find and share peace in your days. Everyone that searches for peace for themselves will add to the peace that exists on this Earth. 

Pray for Ukraine. 🌻💔


  1. Thanks so much for taking us along with you. I love the sights you saw on this hike. I can almost "hear" the quiet of the rich forest.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it Dan. It is a symphony of quiet. 😊

  3. What a gorgeous hike with amazing butterflies and trees! That Quetzal is on my wish list to see!
    It so nice that you have a friend to hike with, but thanks for taking us along virtually! It was lovey!

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it Deborah. I hope you see the Quetzal soon!

  4. I would walk with you any day…

  5. And I would be honored to have you join me Pam. 🤗

  6. There is something about butterflies and an old oil pipeline valve rusting away in the forest that says this is a good day for a walk. Thanks mz dweezepenny.

    1. So many good days for a walk John! Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. I love you and your walk and your blog so much!

    1. Hi Lara! I love you too. Thanks for joining me in the forest.


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