Thursday, June 23, 2022

Work and Play #ThursdayDoors

 Yay! I’m so glad to be participating in Dan Antion’s #Thursday Doors prompt.  It is the rainy season here. In the mountains. The average temperature is 72 degrees. Depending on sun and humidity that can be chilly or warmer. The water in rivers, pools, creeks, etc is very cold almost always. So, during this season it isn’t ideal to swim in an outdoor unheated pool. Projects have to be planned around rain showers that can last for hours or all night.  

Yesterday was a rare perfect day. We had sunshine all day and a nice warmed pool house. It was a perfect chance to scrub the terrace wall and a perfect afternoon to have a swim. I did both! Soon we will have dry days again which brings a different balancing act. To water or not to water. But swimming days will be many. Yay! The pool house was just repainted and cleaned also. My shoulder is not happy with me today from the scrubbing but the water and sunshine balanced it out. 

Here are some of my doors, for there are a lot around here. 🙂

I worked for a couple of hours scrubbing our wall. It needs a pressure washer, but that will have to be done by management. 😉

There are about six doors in the pool house, not counting the bathroom door. 

When the sun shines, it becomes like a greenhouse in here which is a perfect balance for the chilly water. 

There might be an Old Fashioned in that Yeti, John Howell 

Oh yeah, I go in by sections. Feet, check, lower legs, check. Up to the hips, let’s hang awhile. Few sips to warm my blood. Okaaaay. The last is one fast dunk up to the the neck! 😱đŸĨļ
Whew. Now I can swim for as long as I want. 

There are some sweet seating options.. and the view….😍

We went to town today and had a nice walk, including over my favorite bridge. This is a portal to nice views. 

This is the Rio Caldera (Cauldron River)

This entry to a local sports bar is cool

Because I love flames. Yeah, there is a door back there.

When we walk the neighborhood, hubs likes to pick up trash.  Yes, those are doors at Hotel Sabrin back there. 

These vines created a ‘window’ for the mountain view.

This is for you Dan. Not exactly a sausage grinder but my adapted version of a Louisiana Sausage Poboy. 😉

For more doors and great posts be sure to visit Dan’s place at the link above! Happy Thursday from Boquete! 


  1. Wonderful doors. I think I could get used to swimming, or walking, or having a beer and certainly having a sausage poboy and a Modelo. Thanls for bringing us doors from paradise.

    1. I believe you could, Dan. Not a lot to complain about here.,🙂

  2. That looks like my kind of afternoon to relax with a good book and an adult beverage.

  3. It looks so lush and pretty there!

  4. The pool looks divine. Great door shots and I hope there is an old fashion in that Yeti. Great job, Cheryl.

    1. It’s really nice John. Thanks. And yes, there was a Tullamore Old Fashioned in there.A double! 👍đŸģI’ll be by your place a bit later to check in on ‘the girls’.


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