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Bird Days

One of the best things about living in Central Florida is the wildlife. Some days that is the best thing. 😉
For me, any day I connect with Nature is a perfect one. The most rewarding moments are the  unexpected ones, those times when a projected idea falls short, leading to a moment of pure brilliance! 
We took a drive to get my haircut; and, as always, my journeys must be combined with some kind of fun. We tried to make a detour to the Big Tree park to visit some very old tree friends but road construction made that impossible; so we made our way slowly towards my hair appointment while taking small detours to check out the local nature hangouts. There is a lot of water in Florida and lots of man made lakes. On our last stop, with only 30 minutes to spare, we hit the jackpot! There, swimming, flitting, flying and feeding on the lake were not one, not two, but half a dozen of our favorite birds! They were most happy to pose for me too. I hope you enjoy the photos and that your weekend has been filled with nice surprises. 

Great Blue Heron

Even more lovely in flight.

So contemplative...

Great Egret

The ancient and wise looking Wood Stork.

This little guy is a bonus, not as commonly seen. I love the Tri Colored Heron. 

After my new do, we headed to find food and drink on the recommendation of my stylist. He really knows the local food and didn’t steer us wrong. 

So delicious! 
The craft beer selection was amazing as well, with dozens to choose from. 

Color me happy! Now, I can face a new week. 


  1. I love the blue heron! Glad you were able to spend some time with nature and birds, Cheryl, before the hair appointment, and then top it off with sushi and beer. What a lovely day.

    Have a great week1

  2. Thanks Mary. It was a really great weekend all around.

  3. Some of my favorite birds. Looks like a good day.


  4. I Have only seen Heron in the wild a few times but it was always special. Love the photos!

  5. These are wonderful photos, Cheryl. It's kind of ironic that you also chose a sushi place to eat - taking a hint from your friends?

    I love the Great Blue Heron. I have only seen one of those a few times. I don't like traveling to Florida, but whenever I had to for business, I always made sure to find a place where I could watch the birds. It's one of the best things about your state.

  6. Thanks Dan. There really is so much diverse nature here. I can tolerate everything else. 😉We hope you’ll still visit sometime! The birds would love to show off for you. 😊

  7. Thanks Pam. They are always special to me. 😊

  8. These are wonderful images, Cheryl! I was hoping to see Wood Storks when I went to FL not too long ago, but I didn't. They're so ugly they're cute!

    Your food images always make me hungry! 😀

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed them Deborah. I love the Wood Storks. They are really quite non-challant too, always allowing me time to get as many photos as I want. Maybe you’ll see them next trip! 😊


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