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Silent Watching....

The elders watched from the precipice of destruction,
stoic, unmoved in their constant vigil,
feeling mildly perturbed
by it all.

The ancient one shivered against the untimely chill
that had crept insidiously over the season,
forcing his tribe to take to the skies
all too soon, seeking warmth-

The Great Hunter finished the remains of its meal
wondering when the last kill would be
as the Keepers pushed further in,
stripping away the vestiges of
their life’s blood.

They bowed their heads in reverent shame for
such disregard of their Mother’s world,
their chirping drowned by the clamor
of progress, the cacophony

She made them stewards of her Creation,
they hold her Essence in their hands,
delicate, brilliant, mighty, precious!
How could they betray her trust
for gold dust?

Can they not see the universe in a grain of sand,
feel her breath in the rush of the wind,
see her artistry painted across the 
canvas of a blue sky in the 
rainbow after a storm?

Her children remain hopeful in their quest
for new awakening, their message plain 
to the loyal who choose to see it
etched on their faces-
“Her heart is breaking..”

What is written on the shores of time for
this human race, then, as it spins itself
wildly into eventual extinction,
guided not by love decreed
but stark, unbridled greed?

Words of shame and empty dreams lay
 broken, fading under a remorseless sun
as Creation toils to rebuild itself
as it is loathe and wont to do-
again and again.

The sun rises and sets
as Nature weeps
for what was lost
awaiting eventuality...

for they understand they are the true Keepers,
the constant, faithful, vigilant
unrelenting survivors
that honor the

The simple, hopeful thought to not be alone
within the vastness of Eternity
that became an idea of 
the expansion
of Love.

How can we, the Keepers
of the Creator’s original thought
betray such a gift? 

The Trickster speaks,
your mind he seeks
to have and hold
next to his gold
while the hell
He creates
festers and waits
to be fed
with the dead
flesh he vowed
 with head bowed 
to the lie.

Look up!
Reach for the Light
within plain sight
and live! 

CKP words and photos

Let’s hope so, the link for his message to you..oo..oo....

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  1. Thank you for this powerful truth, beautiful and frightening. "How can we, the Keepers
    of the Creator’s original thought
    betray such a gift?"
    We must each do what we can to protect the gift.

  2. Thank you Joanna, for being one of the Watchful and for leaving your thoughts. We share a hope...

  3. I wanted to cry and to scream. "Do not leave us!" But we may not be worthy.

  4. I know many are but so many are not. We are loved no matter what but it is the true love of Existence that must prevail which is looking grim. 😞

  5. those pictures are spectacular!!!

  6. I am so impressed with your ability to take beautiful photos and to wrap them in words that convey the special meaning they have for you. This is beautiful.

  7. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Cheryl. I'm testing the "notify me" button to see if I get an email if you reply to this.

  8. "How can we, the Keepers
    of the Creator’s original thought
    betray such a gift?"

    I like this.

  9. Like something M’na, Eagna or Naofa would say, yes my friend?

  10. too much plastic. too little thought. we are smarter than this.

  11. I always liked to think so, John. It would seem some are not or are really enjoying playing dumb. 😔

  12. As always, Cheryl, beautiful photos and such meaningful words. I hope someday care and respect is given to all of creation.


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