Well This is a Fine Mess..

Please remove my image from all associated advertisements. I am resigning my role as the country’s National Emblem. I am regal, I am a Hunter but never take more than I need. I live in accordance with the natural order of Existence. There is no duplicity in Nature. With no voice we cannot lie but our eyes see the truth. Once we sought to be more like humans and were envious of their accomplishments. Now we face extinction and have no one to blame but those who were put here to protect us, to keep order and balance on this world. Their ‘intellect’ has become ignorance at its worst to not realize that what they control is only one another. Nature will always find a way....


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    1. Thanks Pam. I was feeling pretty saddened about things.

  2. I don't doubt that a lot of species would sign on to a petition started by this one. We have not done well in our role as conservator of this planet.

    1. It’s sad Dan. Can you even imagine going through your days without noticing the living things in Nature around you?


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