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The Letter P

As it pertains to life's mysteries...

When contemplating the best way to summarize my current emotional/mental/spiritual state today, I find it difficult to connect my heart and mind in the usual way.  Sometimes words are all that pop into my head, and once spoken the dam that blocks my soul's winding path disintegrates, allowing me to float freely into that comforting space of understanding and hope once more. 

The letter P popped into my head and seeded itself, inspiring me to post, finally a light in the darkness that has seemed to be invading my creative flow.  As I pondered my dilemma I thought of the recent pain I felt at the pretentious, placating practice of polite, political correctness that has permeated everyday conversation and how self-conscious that makes me feel.  Not that I have outwardly been anything otherwise in my entire life, but knowing that judgment and the need to proselytize is paramount to society at large has paralyzed my tongue in many ways. It has had me depressed, feeling repressed and removed from my sense of purpose.  The pain of loss was as great to me as losing some of the people who were my soul allies.  I miss them dearly.  

Their presence in my life was constant and now seems so brief in sharp contrast to the vastness of Eternity.  Yet, when I quiet the panicked voices in my head, the truth that remains patiently waiting in my soul permeates my being, reminding me that the true enemy lies within us all.  While the fear which incites pain, its presence undeniably indelible, promotes discord in my heart and mind, the memories of the people who have always been there for me prevails, lifting me from the grip of such despair.

We have played together and stayed together, the pleasure of their company lifting me to heights they may never truly comprehend.  They have been my portion in this life, promoting my joyous endeavors to push on toward a dream, whatever it might be.  

They are precious, constant and never far from my thoughts. When my mind begins to push, prod, poke and try to evoke the dark agenda of fear, the mere thought of these people are like pieces of the puzzle that is my life; and as I begin to reassemble the lovely images of how we laughed and lived together, I am renewed. Joy is the healer of old wounds, and prayer is the incantation of the soul.

It is impossible to be constantly in step with one another, for we are all evolving, trying to pinpoint our own place in the grand illusion of Life; but this is normal.  It is a part of true growth and necessary to progress emotionally.  The platitudes that have driven us often seem weak, for I have "turned the other cheek" enough times for a multitude of humans. Sometimes we must sit and ponder our differences,,,

while remaining close enough to embrace them in the end, realizing that it is our commonalities which define our connectedness, that when all pretense is cast aside, we are all perfection in the thought of the Creator.  In that moment of true realization the mind is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. The heart sings for the knowing, and showing gratitude becomes as easy as taking the next breath. 

You have climbed one more rung on the ladder to complete understanding, acceptance and hope.  Take pleasure in the sweet perfume that is Peace.  

Consider the possibility of a new moment, be grateful if you are not penniless. Pick up a pen and scribble your thoughts, your whims, ideas, worries and dreams.  Choose the delights of your heart and the sweet memories of a life well lived...

and put away the armor you have girded your soul with.  One cannot escape the road to destiny, but must plod onward if there is to be change; and change is inevitable.  It will find us all.  How much more joy is there in understanding life's purpose than putting off our lessons.  The lowliest of God's creatures understand this as they persevere, making homes of bottle caps, crossing perilous highways and accepting that they don't know what the next step brings.

I find true peace in the understanding that we are never alone.  The sun rises and sets each day as a reminder of Creation's constant abidance and abundance.  
I plan to find something pretty today, to remind me how perfect this life is.  How about you, my friend? It all began with a dream...

How about a bit of Patrick Park?  I love this one.  


  1. Pretty much perfect, Cheryl. I am glad you were so inspired. I hope you find something pretty. I'll think of you when we do.

    1. Thanks so much Dan! My apologies for being so late in responding. Still learning the ins and outs of operation here. We found some fun things last weekend. I hope you did too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you John. Sorry so long responding. Playing catch up around here. Have a great week.

  3. A beautiful and always timely post. "Always timely" sounds like an oxymoron, but some insights are ALWAYS right in EVERY moment. I need to think of this post when I'm feeling sorry for myself because of loved ones lost. Thank you. <3

    1. I’m so glad it brought you some comfort Marian. Hugs.


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