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Muscovey Mayhem

There was no humor on the little lake last Saturday. Muscovey prowess was at stake and the old guy just won’t give it up to the younger fowl. I fear one day soon we may find one of them floating tail up. 😱

This post brought to you by  Linda Hill And the #JusJoJan prompt. 


  1. I never imagined that ducks could be so brutal. I just always imagined them as carefree docile animals. Oh well, live an learn. Thanks for the education and the eye-opener!

  2. I know it it the circle of life but think I like my little square.

  3. Nature can be very brutal. The bigger waterfowl are very good at asserting their 'authority'.

  4. I couldn't get either of these to play for me. I just get kicked back to the post.



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