Saturday, March 7, 2020

Forever Never/Dreams to Nightmares

From the pages of an unfolding tale, an excerpt from the vision of my soul...Forever Never. My good friends are already familiar with these characters. For anyone else, let me introduce you...

He cut a striking silhouette against the gray-blue dusk, silently watching, stoic in his resolve. He didn’t know she lay still as death on their blanket..still, yet wide awake. She knew she was supposed to sleep, to rest for the coming dawn of unknown horrors, but her mind couldn’t let go. It reached in every direction in spite of her weak attempts to quiet the voices. It was too still within the forest clearing. The night looked so perfect with a bright moon glowing overhead, the air nicely warm and cool at the same time. They both knew it was a grand deception, dark magic at its most loathsome. All around the camp site were other Watchers, evenly spaced and armed, ready for whatever might come. They were creatures of darkness, after all. Why wouldn’t their master have them attack at night? 

Naofa let an involuntary sigh slip through her lips, betraying her wakeful presence. The Warrior turned from his thoughts and knelt down beside her. She looked up into his face apologetically, mouthing, ‘I’m sorry’. Laoch put his finger to her lips and shook his head, stretching out to lie down beside her.  Naofa lay her head on his chest and stared up at the cloudless, starless night. Funny, she thought, so much effort put into that false environment and the fools left out the best part of a night. She was glad because it reminded her how unreal this place was and how much danger they were facing. Laoch stroked her hair and pulled her hand to his lips to kiss her fingers. 

“If we make it to dawn we will move quickly. There will be little time to speak of the things of our hearts. I want to thank you for forgiving me, for helping me to see myself as I never allowed myself to..”

Naofa swallowed the tears that wanted to flow and choked back the emotions that fought their way into her consciousness. She wanted only to bring back the Mother of Domhan so that balance could be returned to their world and the new life she had awaited for so long could at last could begin. Her heart refused to think of the children, waiting safely in Juntos..for the moment. Their quest was to make sure no danger spread beyond the Black Mountains and into their homelands. She spread her hand over his chest and felt his heartbeat. Her fingertips tingled at the warmth of him. 

“You have known the truth from the moment of your birth,” she whispered. “Your soul is perfect and nothing of this dream can change that. But found me in my isolation and brought me back into the land of the living. You have made Agean the happiest child on Domhan. Oh, Agean..”

“This is for them, Naofa, for all of them. Agean, Saol, Ella, every tribe on this world. The Mother of Domhan and her child are out there and we will find them before he does. We won’t lose to him this time.”  The Warrior kissed her forehead. “Sleep now, my love.  Please, for all our sakes. We need your strength.” 

The Sorceress had no idea when she finally drifted off to sleep, but her mind was filled with dreams. She floated through a lush, fragrant garden with her friends at her side. Eagna laughed as she plucked wildflowers along the trail while M’na hummed a lullaby to the infant she cradled in her arms. The scent of fresh lavender hung all around sweet.

Wait. Was it really lavender? No, no, it was not sweet at all. The smell burned her nose and was foul, rancid and bitter. It stung her eyes. Thick, hot smoke soon enveloped them so that she could no longer see the beautiful faces of her friends.  Lightening streaked across the sky, now gray with angry clouds. Thunder rolled so loudly she had to cover her ears. What kind of thunder was this? It roared in her head as the ground rumbled and quaked beneath her feet. The ground rumbled.....

Naofa sat bolt upright on the blanket, beads of sweat spotted across her exposed skin. There was no Warrior beside her. He was already on his feet, his bow raised and drawn as he turned to face the dark shadows of the forest that surrounded them. The Watchers were all poised just as Laoch was and the remaining horsemen were rousing. Noafa gasped and Laoch nodded. She jumped to her feet, reaching her sword just as the first of them broke into the clearing...

To be continued.....

Words and art copyright 2020


  1. “ There will be little time to speak of the things of our hearts.” - I think we have all experienced at least one time when we have to wait before we can grieve or celebrate. That’s a powerful line, Cheryl. Yours is a powerful story. I’m glad to see it unfolding again.

    1. Thank you , Dan. As always, thank you for reading. One can write a story, but only in the sharing does it come alive. 😊

  2. I can see the life in your words! And I love the drawing!

  3. When will this be finished and ready for purchase? TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    1. Thank you, Marian! I’m honored you like it. I am working towards completion but then the whole publishing process begins for me.This will be my first so I am hoping for a painless path. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I hope you have been well!

    2. Best of luck on your publishing journey! We've been well here. Looking forward to my favorite season: wild mushrooms!

    3. Thanks so much. Wild mushrooms. Yummy.

  4. I am still stuck on the pictures. Nice work Cheryl


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