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One More Day

Hey Fellas! Six feet, six feet, six feeeet! Regroup!  We have to set the example for our humans...

Stay smart, stay home, stay safe, stay connected.  Be well. 😘💕


  1. I love this, Cheryl 🙂

    Take care and stay safe.

  2. Replies
    1. At least while ‘forced’ to be home, I get to enjoy the world around me that much more. Such sweet torture for a photographer. 😉

  3. Oh those humans that are slow to learn. Or I should say some of them. I fear we are having one of those evolutionary moments. Darwin would not be totally surprised. I am going to stop by Dan's virtual watering hole and tell the buffalo story from Cheers. Keep those turtles warm in the sun. We are going to do several days of mostly rain. Thanks Cheryl !

    1. I can’t wait to hear that one, John. And, if you get tired of the rain, please send it down here. My friends will soon be fighting over a puddle. 😏 We face an opportunity to change our current pattern. So many are willing but will that be enough? Stay tuned, my friend...


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