Wednesday, April 22, 2020

She Is Still Here

Mother Earth..

I think the saddest part of this pandemic moment in our history is that it is all consuming, then add to it the fact that we are now being ‘ruled’ by a leadership which does not lead at all but is rather dragging those of us who still have morals and a conscience to slaughter on a hook, and things look grim. The ones who have decided to drink the kool aid are marching to Frankenstein’s castle with torches held high, ready for destroying the terrifying enemy, whatever the ruthless leader decides that is.

But today was set aside as a special day, to celebrate Mother Earth and bring awareness to conserving her beauty, resources and gifts. I saw nothing of this celebration in the news. It was only on social media by the same people who are fighting the insidious movement to disband all measures which have been put into place to try and preserve the very creation which sustains our lives here. Do these greedy men think their money is going to save them or are they so fearful of the truth that they can’t imagine the dire consequences of what will happen to the human race if we don’t effect a change now.

I cannot fathom a world without these things....

My grandson was born on Earth Day. Today he celebrated another year of life on this planet. He is proud to be an ‘Earth Child’, and even at his young age understands about preservation and sustaining life. I got to share a few minutes by video with him. They were due to come visit us next month but it can’t happen now due to the virus. But we are happy for technology at this time. We cannot allow ourselves to be so focused on the issue of this challenging virus that we ignore the methodical dismantling of all the measures that have been put into place in recent years to ensure our children and their children have a world to grow old with. 

Can you look at this face and say, “I don’t care what you might need as long as I get to keep my money safely in my own bank account until I die.” ? 

Happy Birthday Earth Child. Never give up working towards what is best for the good of everyone. 

I have mindful, intelligent children and grandchildren who deserve the best this life has to offer. Seeing the wonder on a child’s face is the most magical moment I can imagine. 

We had a Space X launch today. My birthday boy actually got to see it by video in one of those serendipitous moments I love...

Mother Earth is still here and she will remain. It is we who tread with dishonor upon her face that are in danger of extinction. 


  1. This is a wonderful way to honor Earth Day. Well done, Cheryl.

    1. Thanks Dan. She deserves many days in her honor.

  2. We are stewards of this land. Let's hope saner minds prevail.

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I, too, found it both sad and maddening that everyone is so concerned about the coronavirus that they've forgotten ... everything else, including care for the planet. They're using more plastic than ever, and throwing their trash in parks and on sidewalks everywhere they go. Not a single thing that I could find was done for Earth Day. Long after the coronavirus is but a memory, we will still need to rely on Earth's resources, but ... people seem capable of only dealing with one thing at a time. Thanks for these beautiful pics, my friend!

    1. Thanks so much for your words and for stopping by. Because you do not have a blogger profile I’m not sure who this is, though and would like to! 😊


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