Friday, April 3, 2020

The Deafening Silence

The Sound of Silence

Hello Darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again
because a vision softly creeping
left its seeds while I was sleeping
and the vision that was planted in my brain
still remains
within the 
Sound of Silence.

This first verse to an old but perpetually relevant song by Simon and Garfunkel has been a recurring theme for me throughout my life.  In the mystical moment between asleep and awake lie the revelations that sear the soul, the brilliant 'Aha's' that I try to grasp even as they slip once more into the chasm of oblivion.  
My heart cries to capture them and share these truths with the world; but, like glistening drops of morning dew, they disintegrate when touched-shattering into a million molecules that disappear into the atmosphere once again...waiting.  They wait for us to be ready, to be worthy, to be willing to hear and to accept the truth of what they are, what we are and what we have done, and what we must do to be at peace with the universe as we were in the beginning.  Before the desire grew too big, before the killing, the willing that all would be gained at any cost.  
We have moved so far beyond our connection with our earth home that our children don't know the histories any more.  The struggles that made us strong have been stuffed into closets to collect dust along with the musty bones of those whose blood was shed forging the path that brought us to our comfortable place.  The face of humanity has changed from eager hunger for growth and transformation to bored apathetic impatient expectation.  
Is it too late, have we gone too far?  I see kindness still reaching, hear the teaching of the wise ones-their voices rising above the cacophony of technology. The drone of witty repertoire, edgy, cool and quippy but without context.  
Listen to the old for they have lived a life and made it this far having listened to those who went before.   Who has lived who hasn't committed sin, hasn't lived in error, and hasn't changed from the long road?  A wise man once said, "Whoever sees his life and feels he knows the answers to all the questions can be certain he does not even know the questions." 
Listen to the young without judgment and know that they are learning.  Do not allow their toys to raise them, their peers to teach them or their activities to be their only companions.  Parenting means being present, being aware, and it is not for the faint of heart.  Being your child's friend should be your last priority.  A good parent will know the friendship of their grown children once they reach their own maturity. 
 It is said that parenting is a thankless job and it can seem that way for many years. Now that my children are grown I feel their thankfulness in every conversation we have, see it in their beautiful faces and the lives they are creating every day.  Sometimes we didn't like each other when they were young but we always loved one another. Love is neither easy nor disposable.  
Good relationships are hard work.  We are not put here to 'fix' each other or to mold our relationships.  We often have to suffer through changes, for we all change as we grow. Sometimes those changes are too great to sustain our relationship; yet sometimes, if we are patient we can catch up to one another again, find that even ground and see one another with new eyes.  Relationship can be a metamorphosis of love from awkward caterpillar to resting cocoon to magnificent flight.  Don't give up when you realize you are actually separate persons with your own ideas, goals and desires.  
Know that you are never alone.  Especially when you are all alone.  It is in those moments, in the absolute quiet that descends like a blanket around you, that you can be still and know that love is that blanket.  Close your eyes and see it, feel it, accept it. It will be the most complete love you will ever know.  
Never be afraid to share your thoughts, your love or your ideas.  Keeping treasures hidden away is like stealing from those who will value them most.  Failure is not death and fear is the antithesis of Love.  Only love is real.  All else falls away in its light.  Hold on to the Light.  

And the people bowed and prayed
to the neon God they made
and the sign flashed out its warning
in the words that it was forming
and the sign said,
"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
and tenement halls"
and whispered in the Sound of Silence...

Paul Simon


  1. I love that song. It resonates with me as well. Maybe the Earth has set the 'reset' button.

    1. Not out of the realm of possibility. We have been on a collision course with destruction for some time now.

  2. Wise words my friend. We are all in this together and we can learn from each other. Take care, Cheryl. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  3. I love the song. I first heard it in a movie and I have loved it ever since.

    1. I hope you are staying well, my friend. I have new chapters for you to read. There has been much progress on the world of Domhan since I was laid off from my job for now.

    2. Sorry to hear about your job loss. Have you posted the new chapters?

    3. Just one of them on the blog. I think you read it, about four weeks ago. Have you written anything new?

    4. Not yet. I'm working on one.
      Take care, Cheryl. This world is not ours. We have been foolish enough to think it is.


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