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Terra Reparo!  The ocean gave me a wand and I’ve decided to put it to good use.  She has so many gifts to share and now she will be threatened again.  When will we learn? And for Linda Hill’s SoCS  prompt, here is a bit of ‘dazzle’ the sea was sharing with us. 

Just Yesterday..

This song has been in my head today which means it is asking to be heard. I grew up with The Monkees and Saturday children’s and teen shows. Age appropriate fare that included humor and often good music. (We won’t talk about Road Runner and Wile E.Coyote right now.😉) I was in love with Davy Jones from the time I was nine and it went on through my teens. I always loved this song, so here it is for you.  "Shades Of Gray" When the world and I were young Just yesterday Life was such a simple game A child could play It was easy then to tell right from wrong Easy then to tell weak from strong When a man should stand and fight Or just go along But today there is no day or night Today there is no dark or light Today there is no black or white Only shades of gray I remember when the answers seemed so clear We had never lived with doubt or tasted fear It was easy then to tell truth from lies Selling out from compromise Who to love and who to hate The f

So Are We all

When I was in elementary-or grade-school, depending on what region of the country you grew up in, we had regular weekly visits by the music teacher. These were the golden days of my school years, those days when we got a reprieve from the brain strain of Mathematics and Science. The reading was always dandy with me. History is fun, but the memorization of dates and locales detracted from the joy of the events for me.And I don’t have enough space or time to express my joy over art sessions. Back to music...we were taught some amazing folk ballads and they really made an impression on my young child/old soul’s heart. The song I am highlighting here is one of those special ballads, a piece of personal expression almost too melancholy for the frivolous and too prophetic for the old and weary.  For me, it speaks of every person’s journey in this Illusion we call life. For the detail oriented among you (Dan 😉) I am including a bit of history from Wikipedia. Then there is the ballad, ca