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The Angels Weep

The angels are crying in heaven tonight,

but their tears go unheard as we bicker and fight.

Their hearts are so heavy, they’ve got tears in their eyes

for the loud angry voices that rise to whisper lies.

The angels are crying in heaven tonight cuz they can’t understand why

we follow the depths of darkness, missing the rainbow in the sky.

Why can’t we find the light 

and end the useless fight,

for none but death shall win

as it walks us to the end

so that Earth might live again

in Peace. 

Mother Nature is our friend

yet we, but dust in the wind,

wage war upon her face

as we promote such a disgrace

as hatred, greed and apathy-

whence comes that sweet epiphany

to save us from erase?

The angels weep

As we, asleep,

create a nightmare from the dream.

I took an hour yesterday to put my feet upon the sand and whisper to the ocean, apologizing to this Earth for the ugliness that the human race has inflicted upon her soul when she offers such sweet gifts. If crawling pests invade your home, you promptly seek a way to eradicate them, don’t you? We have become a pestilence in Nature’s home. When will we learn? 

Look for the angels, for they reveal themselves everywhere

We are broken and only we can stop the destruction

The angels are crying in heaven tonight.
Their hearts are so heavy, they’ve got tears in their eyes.
The angels are crying in heaven tonight
cuz they don’t understand why
We can’t find the light. 


  1. Agreed. We keep trying to control and rearrange what we should simply learn to co-exist.

  2. They weep. But their tears hold hope. I still believe.

    1. What are we without hope? I know there is purpose in all things. It is what we do to honor this knowledge which decides our future. Thanks Pam.

  3. I hang onto hope. Sooner or later, the earth will recover, either with us or without us. It's our choice.

    1. Some of ‘us’ need to pull our collective heads out of our butts to even notice that the rest of ‘us’ are trying to make positive change. I agree Dan. Earth will continue on either way.

  4. You have a way with words, my friend. I weep for what we have done and continue to do ... not only to each other, but to the critters of the world and the planet itself. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for taking time to visit Jill.🤗 We have a lot to answer for. 😞

  5. I'm surprised we've lasted this long.
    Huge Hugs

    1. Me too David. Most have been looking the other way hoping it would just go away. 😕

  6. It is raining here today. An apt backdrop for your poem. Thank you.


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