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The Passion of Beeing


Within the cool shadows of the living wall

Passion blooms in radiant enticing hues

of scarlet, gold and violet too

with silver tongues that sing the melody
of seduction, reproduction and sweet repose

such strains too sweet to be ignored
by Nature’s laborers of fertility

In droves they descend upon her bloom
 her treasure freely exposed
and eager for the taking

The hungry feed voraciously
humming quite loquaciously 
to hypnotize her will
to surrender

She trembles ‘neath the feathery touch
as deeply probed, extracting such-
the gems of future generations

“Share with me, and you shall see
the fruits of our unbridled passion”

Another and another come to worship at her knee
her suitors taking turn as she sighs,
“To be or not to bee”

Alas there is no choice for her as Nature knows its way.
 Her tender heart bursts inside out, fulfilling Passion’s play

Alas, the contradiction
as we give the benediction
Some intruders may be welcome, 
embraced and fed robustly
while mankind must put up
barb and blade to keep
out thieves and thusly
is his folly.

Copyright words and images
CKP 2021

Be kind to the bees, for they ensure the continuation of all that blooms and grows. If they disappear, then so, too, shall we. 


  1. That was lovely! The words and images fit perfectly.

    1. Thanks Pam. Im glad you enjoyed them. Nature is so inspiring.

  2. Beautiful photos, Cheryl and lovely thoughts to accompany them. Well done!

  3. Thank you Dan. I can get lost in the work of bees...

  4. That was lovely, Cheryl, both the words and images.

  5. Bee kind. And be kind. Thanks Cheryl.


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