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Spirit, Spiritual, Spring Doors!

  Representing the South and the spirit of Louisiana is this door to the home of my long time best friend. She painted it herself! I think all it needs for football season are 🐯  stripes!  This door leads to a family crypt in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska “WYUKA is  a Lakota Indian word  meaning  “to rest” and upon entering the grounds many tell us a “feeling of calm” comes over them. You  are  invited to tour the 140-plus rolling acres of trees, shrubs and flower gardens that make  Wyuka  Cemetery one of the most quietly beautiful places in our state.” The Nebraska legislature in 1869 passed the act providing that eighty acres of land belonging to the state of Nebraska,  not more than three miles distant from the state capitol building, should be selected by a board of trustees and approved by the governor as a state cemetery.  The act does not name the cemetery.  The name was given after the site had been located and the tradition associated with the name is that it was "

Doors Dammit! #Thursdaydoors

 Hi there everyone.  Okay before you throw tomatoes or rotting veggies, let me say I am sorry I haven’t been present in the blogosphere lately.  I actually started another post about the many changes that have happened over the past year and most recently since Christmas.  I’ll get back to that one when I catch my breath.   It would be a shame, however, to let another Thursday pass without joining #Thursdaydoors, that great blogging quest in search of all things doors related.  I often snap photos with good intentions and then get sidelined by life’s demands and other simple pleasures.  My great joy right now is catching up on personal time with family.  We are getting loads of love and adventure here.  One of the best things about this city is the mobility it affords.  One can just about walk anywhere without finding something beautiful or handy.  Anyone who really knows me knows that I am obsessed with walking, both for the exercise and the opportunity to meditate in the arms of Moth