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When I saw Linda Hill’s prompt for today’s  SoCS event  I was almost giddy. 🤭 If you didn’t already know, it was to use the word collect any way you want! Oh my God, where do I even start? My hubby and I both come from long lines of collectors and my sons have been collectors as well. As a child I collected everything from Barbie accessories to rocks and as an adult I had a pretty nice Barbie collection that I handed down to my granddaughters. I have collected cookie jars, depression glass, seashells, beer caps, buttons, turtles and ocean related items as well as recipes and movies, books, get the picture.  And, speaking of pictures, perhaps my greatest collection habit involves images. I love photography and have been called a photo hoarder by family members. Before digital and google cloud photo options, I captured, printed and put photos into albums. In fact, I have a trunk full of such albums. As my sons have grown and started families of their own, I have slowly reduc