Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Every Day Is Like Christmas/#1LinerWednesday/#9GoodThings

 No? What do you mean? 

In a world where so much ugliness slithers its way into our lives even as we struggle to find the beauty there, it can seem that the only day when people really share and care is Christmas. 

If we just take a moment to step back and examine what the most beloved holiday of the year represents, we might realize that we experience its magic nearly every day of our lives. Friendship, gifts, love, beauty, brilliance and hope. And if we remember that little overblown holiday between Fright Night and Commercialism’s favorite day, we could add thanksgiving to our list. 

So, starting off my list of Good Things is…

1) Traditions

Okay, okay. Yes, this a photo of Harry Potter and you might wonder how it fits in with my theme. Well, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter movie franchise. I saw this film with my youngest son and it set in motion a tradition for he and I that went on for all the years of the story’s unfolding on the big screen. Harry holds a special place in our hearts. My son even buys me Lego Potter sets to build. It is a magical story that somehow screams of the holidays, likely because they often celebrated Christmas in the films. And it just makes you feel good. 

Spending time with my kids has always been the greatest gift in the world and a very good thing.

 2) Nature..

Living in such an eco diverse country brings so many moments of magical wonder. This is a Silkmoth Caterpillar. You don’t want to cuddle it. Those feelers pack quite a sting. But if left to continue its business will one day become a gorgeous adult moth. 

I’ve seen one up close and they are so amazing. 

Pretty huh? 

3) Friendship and generosity..

How about this face? Meet Buzzbee. Yes, he’s a hedgehog. He has a brother named Weed who is a bit more shy. These brothers from the bushes are some of the cool ‘children’ of the sweet people who created our little residential oasis here. Les and Julie have a deep love of all things natural. They cultivate a wide variety of garden treasures in their greenhouse, raise chickens and quail and have turned a simple piece of property into an extraordinary bit of paradise.  They happily share its bounty with all of us who live here and for this we are thankful.

4) Playtime..

Every evening is outdoor fun time for the little guys with their frisky, in-charge brother Trek keeping watch!

I love making new friends. πŸ˜€

5) A safe place to snuggle..

The hedgehogs love running around in the grass and hiding in their burrows on the hill.

Isn’t this a face you can’t resist? ❤️❤️

6) Caring and sharing..

Our hosts Les and Julie are a lovely couple who appreciate their life here in Panama and share with others whenever they can. Julie is involved in community efforts and helps organize and work charity events as well as networking to keep the ladies of Boquete connected. Les is a conscientious gardener and kindly shares the ‘fruits’ of his labors . 😱The lemons. 

Julie and Buzzbee! πŸ€—

7) Thoughtfulness

I was sorely needing a ‘little Christmas’ and since Thanksgiving is not an official holiday here, I was more than happy to start jingling some bells. 

This little tree was ours when we spent Christmas here last year, before the disaster. My sweet friend from where we lived before saved it for me, knowing we would return. Thanks Lissy for the encouragement and support during our hardship! We have been blessed with good friends and loving family. 

8) Having a magical tree decorating hat! 😜

What do you think, is the magic working? 

9) Ending the day watching one of my favorite shows..
The Great British Baking Show πŸ₯°
with a snack…🀭
How about sharing your good things with me here? 

Louis expressed it best..


  1. I'm glad you have your tree there, Cheryl. It looks festive for sure.

  2. Beautiful thoughts, and traditions, Cheryl! The Hedgehog is adorable!!

  3. It was very nice of your friends to save the tree for you. I love that photos.

    1. Thanks Dan. The little tree was from last year and the taller one on the porch was provided by Julie. I’m having fun decorating them. πŸ™‚


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