Saturday, November 6, 2021

Poe and Wine #SoCS


Hint. Hint….

(Sorry for the poor quality of my photo)

Hello there! 

This post is brought to you as part of Linda Hill’s SoCS while teaming up with my own November prompt of 9 Good Things, my personal gratitude tribute. 

Linda made our task a bit tricky this week. Her prompt was ‘point and write’, having us pick up the nearest written work, whatever that may be, close our eyes and point. Whatever the finger lands on is to be the theme of the post. 

Since we travelled light on this move, I did not bring heavy books. I have so many in my tablet apps and, although I prefer holding a book in hand, I am determined to get through those I have purchased. I went to my book apps screen, closed my eyes and pointed. Kindle. I opened the library and pointed. 🤦‍♀️

Let me just say that after studying his work at great length in high school Humanities, I am convinced that Edgar Allen Poe was a psychological serial killer. OR, he had serious suppressed anger issues. 

The Raven, The Telltale Heart, Annabelle Lee. Geeeeze. But close my eyes and point I did, landing on The Cask of Amontillado. My heart sank. Without reading the summary I already recalled the gist of the plot: Someone was wronged, wanting revenge and instead of going to the local authorities, decided to take matters into his own hands. Devilishly, slowly and masochistically-with shameful glee. 

Yep. That’s Poe. And he loves walling people up alive. Or chopping them up and burying them under the floorboards. Either way it was quite morbid required reading at the at of fifteen. Yet, I felt the need to have a book of his complete works in my library. Do I read it? 

Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore!’

Did I love that Humanities class? Yes, my teacher was amazing and we studied so many wonderful writers, everyone from Pearl S Buck to F. scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, the Frosts, Dickinson, Sam Clemens, Whitman, Thoreau… was a very good year. Except for Poe. I think that’s why I cannot sit through a serial killer movie. So there you have it. Adieu Mr Poe. 

And without further ado, my daily parade of good things, submitted for your enjoyment.  I am happy to report my week was less eventful than my friend Dan over at No Facilities. Take a look at his post and give him a thumbs up for persevering his plumbing trials. 

9 Good Things

1) A day without rain, at least not until late afternoon

2) New plants to tend. That dying one is a struggling oregano. I have high hopes. 
The garlic chives have me very excited! 

3) Bread cubes for the feathered friends.
 “Hey, what happened to the fruit bar?”

4) This gorgeous beauty is called Chalice Vine (Solandra Longiflora) . Looks like the chalice has a bee in its bottom. 🤭
This plant is in the nightshade family, fitting for Mr Poe eh? 

5) We took a nice hike in the opposite direction today, but all ways lead to magnificent views.

6) I have to go the hills alone. Hubby’s knees have forsaken him at this point. Too many years crawling around under freezers, ovens, fryers and coolers for his job. Not to mention the endless home projects. 

7) We love the murals painted on all the outside walls of the apartments

8) And speaking of painting… 

9) The perfect end to the day with Italian Chicken in fresh Tomato and Garlic Cream Sauce over Corkscrew Pasta with Fried Eggplant. 

It was a most wonderful day. I hope yours had a lot of sweet surprises too! 

In honor of Mr Poe…


  1. I love Poe, and I enjoyed “The Cask of Amontillado,” but I’d easily prefer your nine things to all of that. I don’t enjoy horror movies, at least not the modern blood and gore variety. I liken reading Poe to watching Vincent Price in “House of Wax.” I hope you continue to embrace and enjoy November.

    1. Thanks Dan. I recall enjoying it in high school, but it may be in the knowing of such events that occur in reality that repulses me as an adult. I don’t like slasher films at all but crave good paranormal films. House of Wax scared the hell out of me. I have a general distrust of strangers and maybe this is why! Lol. I am watching November unfold, minute by minute. I hope your day is especially great today, Dan. 🎂

  2. Ha ha Ha! Excellent post! Although I do admit that I find Poe deliciously creepy. Maybe I am harbouring serial murderer tendencies… Mwaha ha ha

    1. Haha. I’m happy you enjoyed it Pam. I do think Poe a wordmaster of the macabre and I love Stephen King. But, I have never enjoyed serial killer or stalker pieces. Perhaps in another life….🤔

  3. Cheryl I am enjoying the 9 good things. And I do not blame you in the least for setting Edger Allan aside.

    1. Thanks John. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my little joys. 🙂

  4. Excellent Cheryl. I did enjoy Poe in high school. I wonder what that says. Oh well I'll go with it. Beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks John! I enjoyed it then because it seemed distant. Knowing such things can actually happen has made it more terrifying for me as an adult. As an adult I have grown to love Dostoyevski. His stories have a twisted irony to them and he gets inside all the characters’ psyches so well.


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