Quiet Days #9Good Things

 The past two days have been low key. The weather has been cloudy and actually chilly today. I know, I know it isn’t 32 or -8, but for this area 63 is pretty low. It was nice to wear some leggings and want to snuggle in for a bit. 

As always there are good things. I hope your Tuesday was amazing and full of good things. 

1) I made a new buddy!

2) My first time making Shrimp and Grits. SO yum!

3) A new yellow and black bird at the fruit bar. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo πŸ˜•

4) This tiny bloom makes me giddy!

5) Cuz….Blueberry Muffins! πŸ˜‹❤️

6) Yeah, lots of food moments. This Chicken Pot Pie was shared with us by a friend. It was as good as it looks. 

7) Catching the mischief of sunlight wherever I can! 

8) My own little Christmas art addition to the tree. πŸ€ͺ

9) Nothing completes breakfast quite like smoked sausage and potatoes!! πŸ₯°πŸ˜

Ready for tomorrow and more good things. Stay tuned…πŸ€—❤️

You knew it had to happen eventually! 🀭


  1. Oh, Cheryl, these photos are beautiful. I love your new buddy. The food, well with the exception of the grits, is making me hungry. My toast does not compare to your muffins, and let’s not talk about that breakfast. Thanks for sharing slices of paradise.

    1. Thanks Dan. I would love to make you some grits that would change your mind. These may have been the best I ever made. They were creamy and full of flavor. For this recipe you use chicken broth, milk and cheddar. Anyway…I do love good toast. Hubby is such a breakfast fan and we sometimes have bacon. But the decent smoked sausage made me think of home and the food I grew up on. It was memories on the tongue. πŸ™‚Thanks for taking time to leave me a message. Happy Wednesday.

  2. You food shots look great. Shrimp and grits happens to be my favorite. Only one place to get the best. The Black Marlin in Port Aransas TX. (I'm sure yours came a close second.) Thanks for sharing. Happy expat Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks John. I had a great recipe and did a respectable job on my virgin run. The sauce was creamy, mildly spice because I used spicy smoked sausage. But the grits were so amazing-creamy and flavorful. But if I ever find myself in Port Aransas, I’ll check the Black Marlin out. There are a lot of local restaurants that offer Thanksgiving meals here but I am coking for us tomorrow. Turkey breast cornbread dressing and carrots. Maybe Key Lime pie for two…Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  3. Your new friend is very cute! I hope he doesn't share your breakfast. Ha ha ha.

    1. Ha. Oh no, we have a strict arrangement. He stays outside and dines. His breakfast makes my life less ‘buggy’. πŸ˜‰


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