This is Thanksgiving #1LinerWednesday #9GoodThings

 In spite of all the hype, the unquestionable historical inaccuracies and blatant commercialism, I have found true celebration in honest Thanksgiving. 

In a morning hike

The air, the view, the invigoration of an uphill climb

Then rest and cool breezes are Nature’s gentle reward for a job well done

A friend to share it with

An unexpected rainbow hiding in the shadows..

No matter how often I see it, this view takes my breath away

A celebratory Pina Colada after my cornbread for tomorrow is baked
(I even toasted coconut for garnish 🤭)
Yeah, fresh pineapple and coconut milk too. 😋

A sweet phone chat with my youngest about making dressing. We used to cook together a lot! 

Always looking down I find so much art in Nature. 
May all your days be celebrations of thanksgiving. 

This post is part of Linda Hill’s 1LinerWednesday prompt along with #9GoodThings for my gratitude month. Visit her blog to meet other bloggers and check out the rules for this prompt. 


  1. That rainbow was hiding. Lovely pictures and thoughts Cheryl. There is so much beauty to be found in nature always. So we must remember to look again for the story will be a little bit different each day. Hope the stuffing turns out good. Thanks.

  2. Thanks John. I hope your day is filled with wonderful things. 🙂

  3. You find beauty because you look for beauty, Cheryl. I’m glad you also choose to share the beauty you find.

    1. Like Pam said, Dan, things take on true and deeper hues when they are shared.

  4. True Thanksgiving resides in your heart but it is more valuable when it is shared.

  5. Excellent Cheryl. Loads to be thankful for for sure.


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