Thursday, January 27, 2022

Adjusted Philosophy #ThursdayDoors #JusJoJan

There is a hillbilly philosophy that goes something like this:

“Calories consumed when traveling outside the county you live in don’t count”~

In other words, vacation splurges are A-OK.  I kind of enjoyed that guilt free view of indulgence and decided it could be adjusted to living outside the country you were born in. 

So, for today’s contribution to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors prompt I decided to share the door to one of our favorite local indulgences. 

Our favorite little bakery, Panaderia Lidia. You can smell the delights from way down the road, beckoning your senses to succumb to your deepest desire for the much maligned king of goodies…BREAD and cakes! 

My $3 lunch! 
These are the best puff pastry beef empanadas ever.
 With Modelo Negra to wash them down, of course. 

It is my new understanding that philosophy is malleable.
Can I get an “Amen”? 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Those Were the Days..#1LinerWed

Why the cliche’ title? Because now I am finally old enough to feel this way. I have always cherished memories, but sweet and bittersweet; but the train has finally pulled into the station marked ‘Memory Lane’ for me. So many places, so many friends, so much sweetness. I don’t think of the sorrows for they obstruct my view of the present. As the train rolls down the tracks, these moments slip past the windows in a blur. I long to revisit them but know memories are sweetest when viewed in the rearview mirror of time. I am thankful I’m a ‘photo hoarder’ as I have been called. And I think a few others are as well. They can curse me when I’m gone.. and weep. πŸ“ΈπŸŽ₯πŸ“ΌπŸ’»

And as much as my mother and sister didn’t like this song, it is the one playing non stop in my head right now. 

Walking my Daddy through eye surgery

My favorite dog.. ever. Cheyenne

This gang. Can you spot my favorite guy here? 

What happens in Costa Rica should stay in Costa Rica!

We met more wild than mild..


And friends from everywhere we lived..

Foster families from school days

Those shades, bro..

There were warm oatmeal cookies in that bag I have death grip on. I thought they were all mine. Boy, was I mistaken..

Monkey love..

Stepping out of my comfort zone to do a poetry slam

My sis! 

These guys… trying get the attention of the gulls…🀦‍♀️

It’s such a beautiful life…

The Barba Roja gang! 

The moon turns red..

Our buddy Mike, the main reason we chose Costa Rica back then

And this guy. Miss you, Daddy ❤️


I am in love with camping and rivers and.. oh yeah, my kids. 
And butterflies!

That time we got tattooed together. You guys da best! 

My butterfly soul screaming to emerge.. at least on Halloween

So many Mardi Gras days..

Wait! Wait.. I only have one banana! 

Birthday buddy for life! 

Dudes, you make me smile.

Never too old to make new friends

The only wedding dress I ever wore. Didn’t like it. It pricked my skin. 
The hair, oh Lord, the hair!

Snack love..

The minuscule magnificence..

Friends who held me up

And shared treasured moments with me

New beginnings are the sweetest..


A mission trip

Best friends forever

I’m Cheryl. Fly me…🀦‍♀️

Being grandparents

Family gatherings in the time of Covid

All the little bunnies..

Professional friends that support you

Was I ever really six?? That cake was tinted mint green. 
And it was chocolate.😊

Too many treasures, great and small
for me to show you or count them all
I shall go on collecting them though
to leave sweet memories behind
When I go..

Hasta la juego, mi amigos! 

I do miss my WP slide show option…

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Did Somebody Say Cake? #SoCS #JusJoJan #Thursdaydoors

 Lord knows I love cake! Especially chocolate….πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

But…I digress. What were we talking about? Oh yes. Today’s prompt. First, my sincere apologies to my good friend Dan over at No Facilities for missing #Thursday Doors this week. I have doors but ran out of hours in my days. Visit the link to his place to see the submissions for this week. 

Since today is Saturday, that means it is time for Linda Hill’s #SoCs/#JusJoJan combined prompt. Today, the prompt is ‘icing on the cake’. Visit Linda’s blog to read some great posts and meet other terrific bloggers. 

I have been working on my novel, as if going on ten years isn’t enough, and making great progress. Yesterday was an all day event. 

So, today, I took a mind break and joined a new friend on a mountain hike. I love hiking and have been too busy for any lengthy walks lately. This was supposed to be a minimally difficult hike, not too far away or too far up. I kept in touch with the hubby while walking and when I texted that the trail was looking a bit hairier than we thought, as well as steeper than we might have wanted, he looked it up. 

The trail has a rise of 322 meters, or 1000 feet. It must be stated here that I live in the mountains these days and walk the sloping roads. But climbing them like a goat is not in my daily routine. 

I was determined though and, with some encouragement from my walking buddy as well as the man who joined us part way up, I stuck with it. There were only a few places I felt truly apprehensive about, mostly due to the fact I don’t have hiking boots yet and I had a wicked experience here a year ago trying to take a shortcut to town. The trails look innocuous in photos and often just viewing them. But, one little divot filled with loose rock and dirt at the wrong incline and you are on your as#!. Some of these trails have steep to sheer drops on one side. 

See? Looks innocent right? Slippy slidee if you don’t step right.

My ‘goat’ buddies

This was my end place. That indented grass was part of the trail. 
This hike was so great though and just the treat I needed. 
And this….

Was the icing on the cake.

Do I look happy.. or what

Cool breezes

Bamboo. Not just for cooking utensils..

Every tiny thing…

These two were the sprinkles on that cake! πŸ˜‰

Oh this?  My friend climbed up the back of that rock face for the 360 view. 

I admit it is gorgeous. Just not ‘risk breaking my neck’ gorgeous. At least not today. πŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks for the walk, Doug! 

This one’s for you Dan! I’m late but it was such a cool abandoned house and of course it had a door! πŸ˜‰