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Don’t Say It! #SoCS

 Well hello out there. Two posts from me in the same week? What’s going on you say? It’s been months since I’ve been able to pull it off, right? I make no promises for the future but in this week my inspiration has been present and my heart feels lighter.  Our blogging host for this prompt is  Linda Hill  Every week she gives a new prompt for our Stream of Consciousness Saturday writing challenge. If you haven’t already, you should visit her page for more great posts by some amazing creative writers. This week’s prompt is to use your least favorite word in your post. 😱I love words, although there are some that affect me more negatively than others. For this prompt I had to move beyond just the word and venture into the psychology of it. At first I thought no such word existed for me, but then it came to me.  CAN’T. I can’t stand that word. I tried and tried to think of an instance where it doesn’t bristle the hairs on my neck. Even those times when I am using it bring some kind of di
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Walk With Me/#Thursdaydoors

One of the great things about where we are living right now is the ability to walk just about anywhere safely. Many people walk or bike to work downtown, and there are 155 parks in the city! They range from a square of grass with a merry-go-round to multi acre parks with wildlife and education centers. The number of hiking trails is bountiful and all are well kept and used by many. Just walking the neighborhood and surrounding areas gets me a 2-4 mile hike in easily and, well, anyone who knows me understands that I would rather be out of doors any day.  On these walks I have the opportunity to view and photograph lots of doors and I have! I just have been remiss in putting together posts. We are slowly getting things in order and I am trying to return to those things which I love. For today’s post I just wanted to share my walk with you which leads off with some great doors. On this day there seemed to be a theme in place and I let myself fall into step with it for a glorious walk.  I

Tropical Door 🚪 #Thursdaydoors

 Hi guys,  As usual I have been in and out (no pun intended) of posting for the Doorscursions hosted by our good friend  Dan Antion . Life for me lately has felt somewhat like a revolving door, stuck going round and round. Sometimes it seems like a manic funhouse, never knowing what you might see popping up around the next corner. Funhouses can be anything but fun if you don’t like surprises. Still, there are many placid, peaceful days as things settle into a more regular routine and we accomplish what needs to be done.  I have some cool doors I photographed on my walks here which I will post eventually; but today I wanted to step back in time for a moment and share a door I may already have written about, although it was so long ago most of you wouldn’t have known me in that ‘life’. One of our tropical Central American lives was in Costa Rica, in 2014. It was a beautiful world and gave us a lifetime of wonderful memories and new friendships.  There was so much in paradise to keep my m


  Alone in the darkness of the mind’s chaos- drifting, sinking, struggling against the weight of it I weep, longing for words of comfort, to share the awful truth of the horror and pain No one seeks the details of such a path, this solitary walk into the abyss of fear To be on the other side is enough I am told Just forget, move on to the new unknown I long to speak of it, the monster that hides inside my soul in wait, so thirsty, hungry I think if I call its name, shining light upon its twisted face it might be appeased Fluid, this dark cloak that envelops me, tempting me to give up, finding solace below Yet I keep swimming, gasping for air when I forget to breathe- forget myself Where is that self I knew so well mere months ago, before  the world exploded? People pat, people pray, people say the magic words to make it alright It isn’t alright when my gut is full of poisonous truth, buried memories No skeletons hiding in my closet, for they lie buried- ashes to ashes Why did they all


 Hi Everyone, I hope you have been having good days or better and that the fathers in your life were honored yesterday.  We were fortunate to have most of our family around for the special day and enjoyed them all. My own father passed away late last Summer and it was very sad to think of him not physically being in our lives any longer. He was a very loving, attentive Dad who left us with a lot of fond memories.  On my walk this morning I found a door! Yes, and it seemed one I could not pass on to share.  At first I thought to keep it until Thursday; but as I continued on my walk, the things I encountered inspired me to share it now.  Like so many inspirations, ideas and thoughts I often ‘save’ for later, it stood a good chance of being filed away and forgotten.  It struck me that the door was there as a message specifically for me and that the message was that it is okay for a moment to just be for me- about me-and not attached to a larger idea or project.   See?  ‘C’ Me! 😊 Nice p