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Don’t Give Up

 My blogging friend  Pam  managed to put into words through her poem today what I have been feeling. The past year has been excruciatingly painful, trying, challenging and disappointing in so many ways. She, like myself, has tried to cling to the positive, to true hope and faith in the tenacity of living because this is what determined humans do.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but the physical and emotional trials alone don’t knock me off my feet. It is when my creative well runs dry that true depression comes knocking at my door. When I can’t find the words or sketch an image I feel like I am hanging over a great abyss with no hope but to plunge into the depths.  While we did ‘escape’ to paradise here in Panama, it has been enjoyable only in bits and pieces due to an emergent health issue that came up for my husband. I know he came close to death at least once during all of this and I have never felt as alone as I did in the moment I realized I had to make decisions to help him. He i
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Honesty #SoCS

  Honesty... This post brought to you for  Linda Hill’s #SoCS Prompt . Please visit her blog for more posts and great prompts. 

Welcome to Paradise #ThursdayDoors

 Hello friends,  Welcome and do come in. Right now these are my favorite doors. This is our home but it is more of a place to rest and a passageway from one moment in paradise to the one on the other side. For me, the best thing about doors is where they lead.  Welcome! Come in... I know, the Feng Shui is all wrong. But the feel schwell is all right!  Door to door to door, we have been happy here!  And the final destination is a breathtaking view and place of repose. The coffee blossoms are really beautiful now. Nature is so passionate. Love is truly a many splendored thing... To visit more great blogs and see wonderful doors, visit  Dan’s Place  and have a look around!

Everything Is Beautiful

Everything is beautiful in its own way Under God’s heaven the world is gonna find a way There is none so blind as he who will not see. We must not close our minds we must let our hearts be free.... Sadly, there never seems to be a moment in time when this song and its message are not relevant. Ray brought us a lot of beautiful, whimsical and conscientious messages with his music.   

I’m Late! #ThursdayDoors

 I’m late, I’m late, I hope the doors train can wait!  I found this special lady while shopping in Boquete today and thought she would make a nice contribution to  Thursday Doors, hosted by Dan at No Facilities Stay warm and safe everyone.


 Today. It’s a word. It implies a unit of time and that very implication imposes definitions, limitations, expectations, urgency and even hope. Words are interestingly powerful things. Magnificent things happen when words are spoken correctly and terrible things happen when words are twisted, misused and abused. This is why I try, as much as possible, to choose my words, even in extreme emotional states. I have spent so many years having to talk for a living, learning to communicate in ways that bring positive results and keep relationships working that it hasn’t bothered me a lot to spend a few months not having to talk much.  Well, more than I would have liked given that we now live in a country where I speak little of the language and have to be ever more cautious about how I use my words. I find having to translate my thoughts into the proper communication based on this new language gives me even more of an opportunity to choose the way I wish to present my thoughts. With all I hav

Open doors #ThursdayDoors

 One of the nice things about living here is being up in the mountains while living close to a viable town that provides 99% of what we need. If I am feeling energetic I can walk the six miles down to town to do business and catch a taxi back up. I haven’t tried making the trek back up on foot since I am usually carrying groceries or supplies. Since we were not here prior to the Covid outbreak, I’m not sure what businesses were like back then; but knowing the weather and the welcoming nature of these people, I think not much has changed with regards to how they operate other than MINSA regulations which are strictly adhered to. MINSA is their health organization which lays out the mandates and protocols for operations during this pandemic. They run a pretty tight ship which helps us feel more comfortable about shopping when necessary and visiting medical facilities as we are having to now.  What I enjoy most is the ‘open door’ way businesses operate. The temperatures range from 64 to a