Monday, December 5, 2022

The Sweet Life #CFFC

In shades of caramel for CEE’s Fun Foto Challenge and her color prompts.

Life is rich with color and it is quite fun to identify these hues in the pictures I’ve captured through the years. Be sure to visit CEE’s blog for more prompts, photography tips and to meet other fine bloggers. 

One of the thrills of my life was meeting Richard Petty in Daytona Beach, FL. A genuinely kind man.

Peace Lodge, Costa Rica offered rustic hues of caramel in the natural wood deocr

A caramel hued sunset in Manuel Antonio, CR

Our little ‘Monkey treehouse’ in Quepos, CR

Nothing like a cup of coffee in the evening…

Sweet Ellie. This beautiful creature passed away last week. She had a nice long life with my son and his family and will be missed. ❤️🙏🏻

Just, caramel everywhere. Again, Peace Lodge, La Pas, Costa Rica. A truly magical place.

This one is for you Dan and your Thursday Doors! 

My own little ‘naughty’ monkeys.

I love dewdrops!

My dear friend Debbie. She passed away some years ago now. I still miss her. 🤗❤️

One of 33 years of shared birthdays! 

Caramel romance…

A bit of me and my reverie, artistically! 

Literally a Caramel Apple Doughnut. I had more of the finest doughnuts in and around Atlanta, Georgia than anywhere else I have lived.  

Yes, this is for you my friend. 

Just resting. I’m not the monkey you’re looking for. 

Corona, 😍But that Yuengling is mighty fine as well! 
Have a colorful week my friends!   

How about a tune to honor this delicate color? 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

When You’re Blessed With Lemons… #CFFC

This week’s prompt from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is part of her color photography challenge for the next few weeks. This week our color is Pink Lemonade. While I have not been a fan of the pink color that manufacturers have managed to create, other than pastel pink, I do so love the pink hues found in nature. I have many flower images but have tried to scale it down here for you, adding a few other ‘pink lemonade-ish’ photos.

Bees ‘n blooms,
how they groom
themselves for
such trysts,
their bliss

Ten cents a drink?
I don’t think
I have enough to pay
for indulging this way! 

my last connection
to childhood perfection-
a friend so constant

Hello you two!
One pink, one blue
Do you know much
I adore both of you?

Do leave me a sip!
Oh how my lips
long to savor
the fine flavor
of this elixir!

Little green 
I might not have seen
you there
if not for my desire
to capture the fire
in her heart…

Ahhh… dear magnolia
of the east

As golden faeries prance
under Old Moon’s
 blushing glance,
the goddess of night
will soon take flight
to wickedly delight
your dreams!

What can I say? It was his favorite holiday film…
my rogue Ralphie. 😂

In the botanical garden, nature comes to light! 

A bit of me

For in death shall 
she smile one last time
what rhyme
to convey such 

The sun does not set.
She pirouettes
into the arms of dusk!

A moment of serendipity

King of Pops for an adult frozen delight! 

Sweet whisper of life~
the Rayne that brings sunshine! 

Okay, gratuitous preening anole shot.
 But my phone is a nice shade of pink…
Don’t you think? 

Butterflies love blooms
Monkeys love bananas!
Before this plant has expired, 
many will be satisfied. 

Blood orange margarita that parades 
as frozen tart Pink Lemonade! 
it needed a boost! 

Do not weep 
when I am done
for I will sleep
when doth the sun
no longer kiss my cheek.
We shall not speak
of such sorrow.
Look! Here comes
May we borrow it from you,
Father Time? 

Happiness is a butterfly….

And how about my favorite song about Pink? 

Monday, November 7, 2022

#CFFC If Only They Knew

This week’s prompt for CEE’s Fun Foto Challenge is Animals Caught Unaware. Well I might as well have just posted a link to my photo cache but instead I chose just a few of my favorites. I always feel a connection to the nature I photograph but am fairly certain these animals were too preoccupied tok ow O was watching…

Now this is a fine pickle, Ollie…

“If I could just. Get. That. One.loose feather…”

Lunch for the family? 


Do a little dance, make a little love…

There are no words to describe manatee affection.

If a crab no bigger than my pinky can recycle, then why can’t we? 

“Wait… wait…”

“Mirror, mirror on the car, 
With this face, will I go far?”

What can I say? It was a fortuitous moment for me and the snake.

Butterflies in love…

“Herb, um, I think someone is watching…”