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Duck Drama

Since I missed yesterday’s prompt, part of today’s post is courtesy of John at The Sound of One Hand Typing and yesterdays prompt was given by Jill.

Both are great prompts. I’d like to continue my tale of life on Lake ‘Hawk’s Cove’. Do you recall after my tale of Cormorant eel fishing yesterday that I mentioned the possibility of a more dastardly event taking place on our peaceful little backyard waterworld?

Nature moves in many ways and the course of events isn’t always pleasant. While there are no dingos taking down antelope in our neighborhood, sometimes the wildlife does like to mix it up now and then when temperatures change or the skies rumble. Maybe they just like to strut their stuff.

Whatever got under their feathers, these fellows got into it right after the eel met its fate in the belly of Captain Cormorant. At first hubby and I thought they were...well..making whoopie. But when I started looking through my lens, the magic crystal ball of revelation, I realized the seriousness of the scene unfolding on little Lake Placid. One of those Muskovey ducks was trying to do the other in. I took many more photos than I am sharing but the progression grew more grim as I stood snapping. At one point Captain C paddled over and pecked at the aggressor before quickly retreating to continue circling the pair.

For a frightening moment we thought the victim had been lost as its head was held under water for what seemed too long. Then suddenly it surfaced near the opposite side of the lake, shaken but alive! 

Disaster averted! Whew. My mind was already spinning to the thought of having to watch a dead body drifting on the water for days before anyone came to fish it out. 😱

I now I understand a little more why the Muskovey is not the favorite duck to have on your lake. So much drama! Wish we had a few Black Australian there are some beauties. 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll  share photos from the space launch we watched last night. Right now I have a date with a pillow. Good night! 

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  1. Oh wow! Action shots! Very cool

    1. I was horrified and excited at the same time. So glad it ended without death.

  2. Wild animals can be so brutal to each other! Great photos, though.

    1. Yes, animal life can be brutal, but compared to humans it seems tame. 😏

  3. Whew! That must have been hard to watch.

  4. I’ve never seen ducks fight. Of course, my understanding of ducks comes from watching Daffy. Great action shots! I certainty hope this is the only drama you witness this week.

    Thanks for the shout. Get over the hump and coast into a #free48

    1. Thanks Dan. This week has been busy but more positive. And I haven’t been peeking out the back door lately. We’ll have to see what the weekend holds.

  5. Glad it turned out okay after all. I always wonder what gets their feathers all ruffled about, but guess it's just nature - maybe fighting over food or a mate.

    1. Likely just a show of prowess or like a watery cockfight. The mean one was plucking feathers from the other one’s tail.🙈

  6. Animals being animals. Seems horrifying to us, but totally normal for them.

  7. Absolutely. It is no worse than humans. Actually makes more sense most of the time. I doubt it was being aggressive just cuz the other one looked at him funny! 🙄

  8. I was holding my breath for a few seconds there. Glad it turned out okay this time. Makes me wonder what a more intelligent species would think observing some human behavior. And my more intelligent, I don't mean they have to be from another planet. Dolphins, chimps, elephants, and maybe even ducks might think we're crazy.

    1. I would be surprised if they didn’t JoAnne. Thanks for visiting the new place here.


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