Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ectoplasmic Existenialism

He found me in a mood that day
electing to drown in my dismay.
Sage and wise in his green robe,
as quickly he began to probe
my deep reflection
with no interjection
as we shared our predilection
for solar emissions.

With his ectoplasmic leavings 
and my soggy sordid grieving
we made mud upon the soil
with a film of rainbow oil
that he collected with a reed
and injected as a seed
into the gray so I could feed
upon its eclectic samplings. 

Spinning like a whirligig
into the past my mind did dig
until it found the moment sweet
I struck out on this road to meet
the infection of a life
with such ecstasy-yet rife
with bumps, detours and strife
I had not expected.

“Brutality subjective,” he stated,
“and yet Nature is berated 
for the necessary consumption
without malice or compunction
of that which gives us sustenance
without monetary recompense
that humans are addicted to.”

As he lingered, contemplating
I considered wise placating
yet decided t’would be best
to interject my calm protest
as I inspected his meager dwelling
and the reason for him selling
such an arbitrary edict

I suppose you are correct
regarding such a human sect
that is gluttonous and brutal
and I know it would be futile   
to explain natural selection
and the process of election- 
farce and folly by design. 

Soon bored with this discourse
he could offer no recourse.
“Dry your silly tears my child.
Within this dream you are beguiled.
Be directed by your heart
and so keep yourself apart
from the Ectoplasmic Existential 
poison dart. 

*Ramblings of a medicated, congested mind in late February
CKP copyright 2020


  1. I'm so glad you found your little buddy. Sorry to hear that your not feeling well. I hope that condition is short lived.

  2. Thanks Dan. Even allergies make me ill when they take hold. Uggghh.

  3. What a lovely discourse, with a mighty source, which I loved, of course!

  4. My comment keeps disappearing so I'll just say: loved it.

    1. Your comments are not didappearing but go to moderation first. I was tied up all day yesterday so am just getting to them. 😊

  5. The images of the critters are wonderful! The poem is lovely. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Hope you feel better soon. You had me at ectoplasmic existentialism. What a phrase for a tongue spasm! And what ever you do do not try to say that ten times fast. Or for that matter even slowly....

    1. Thanks John. I like the way it sounds on the tongue but once is enough. 😂


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