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Letters To....

I decided to send messages to those people, places, moments and dreams of my life, both lived and as yet unrealized.

Today’s letter is to Costa Rica, the jewel in our past, the dream of our future and always present in our hearts.

Dear Costa Rica,

Thank you.....

For so many perfect sunsets. And all we had to do was to show up. Magnificent, brilliant, thrilling and soul satisfying are not even the right words to describe those magical moments. There are no words. 

Dear Costa Rica,

I have no adequate words......💕💕💕


  1. Those are amazing sunsets. You captured them so well. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. There is no way to mess up that kind of beauty!

  3. memories good. words often overrated and inadequate. heck they can even muddie the picture.

    1. Thanks for understanding John. Like trying to describe a perfect bloom.

  4. Nothing quite like a good sunset. Thanks


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