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There’s a Place....

 Except maybe it isn’t just a place. 

It isn’t really the destination that brings as much joy as the journey in getting there.

Perhaps it isn’t even one place, but every night we lay our heads to rest together

marks a destination of peace and accomplishment. 

‘There’s a place in the sun

where my poor restless heart’s gotta’ run’...

There’s a place in the sun and before this life is done,

gonna’ find me a place in the sun...”

Where is your place?
 Who is your destination? 
Can you feel the sun? 

Thank you, Stevie..


  1. Looks like you've found your place.

  2. What a beautiful place to be. Sigh. Peaceful.

  3. What spiritually refreshing pictures, especially the sweet smiles. HUGS


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