Thursday, May 27, 2021

Lost Time/#Thursdaydoors


Hello friends and our dedicated host Dan Antion of No Facilities ! I have been in and out of the blogosphere lately due to personal matters but I have, indeed, been taking photos. It is like breathing for me, my attempt to preserve special moments, beautiful life and keep memories alive. So, today I will present a series of doors, door-ish entryways and perhaps the gratuitous wild or beautiful thing, just to give you a smile. Most of these doors have been ‘collected’ since we arrived in Lincoln, either on excursions or long contemplative walks. I hope you enjoy them. Please visit Dan’s blog at the above link to see more great doors, meet some awesome fellow bloggers and join the doorscursion fun! 

This is the Nebraska state capitol building. It is playfully (sarcastically) known around here as ‘The penis of the plains’, and, obviously, the phrase needs no explanation. It is visible from everywhere in and around the city. But the inside....oh my. Marble, motifs, stained glass, sculpture, architecture and the spirit of those who settled the plains is unabashedly present. 

The domed ceilings are lined with mosaics that depict images of the settlers and indigenous peoples of the area

This is perhaps my favorite long hallway, and it stretches as far in the other direction. It feels very ‘studious’. The windows look down on the courtyard gardens below and the walls are lined with bronze busts of the influential political figures and tribal chiefs that shaped the growth of Nebraska. 

This is the view from one of several balcony areas throughout the Capitol. Exploring is easy and informative, but for me it is about the history and art. See all those doors?😉

Two of my favorite people admiring the doors of these antique phone booths.

The courtyard

One of our favorite ‘little libraries’ with it’s little door to treasures.

Not sure what the party was for but they did the ‘possum freeze’ until I walked past. Friends of yours, Dan? 😉

A momentous message, although the sun was behind a few clouds. Oh, yes, there are doors on all those houses! 

HeeeeeHaaaaawww...🤭 Where’s the door to the barn? 

That door gave me some space and time to actually work on my book! 

This really cool door was one of two in the building although I’m not sure where they lead. Ande?

Hey, don’t bug me! Doors ahead...

I saw this sign after I got turned around on a hike and was a bit lost, but eventually I was headed in the right direction. 

I loved the presentation on this house with the angel wings in the window

This door entryway looks so welcoming!

The magical door to ‘side, side’, his favorite place.

I suppose it was the only thing anyone was willing to donate?🤦‍♀️🥴 That was back in my day and it was a dud car even new.  

This is the world’s largest time capsule, or so they claim. Due to be opened back up in 2025. Gentleman, start your engine! 😂😂

Now that’s a big covered wagon. With a door. Uh huh...

Now, I knew about Roomba. But lawn mowing Roomba? Whaaaa....? Yep, garage doors in that lucky household. Double! 

The entrance past the bridge to one of the many trails in and around the city. I hiked six miles that day! 

I just love this yellow door because...yellow! 

The door to adventure and the first day of preschool. ❤️❤️

I can’t be certain but this ravine turned into a dwelling on a bridge that I’m fairly certain has a door! 

Well, that’s it for now friends. Not sure when I will have time to post another round. I will be reposting a short story I wrote a few years back and I hope you have a moment to take look and give me some input. Meanwhile, I wish all of you the very best of Thursdays and every days. 

And, remember, don’t let the idiots get you down. 🤗💕



  1. Oh my, I love that last photo! The capitol building looks like the Cathedral of Learning, although, now I'm glad they didn't give it a rounded top ;-)

    Thanks for sharing some wonderful doors, Cheryl!

  2. Thanks Dan. That little one has a building drive. He loves to play Minecraft. I think they did a grand job. Haha. I do love the dome.

  3. I don't remember where those doors at Fuse lead to...

  4. I love many things in this post, especially the JUST KEEP GOING sign and that time capsule. And all the doors. And the donkey! And the bug! And you've got a really stylish penis there. :D

    1. Ha! Why thank you Manja! I’m glad you enjoyed the views. Next time I’ll share more flowers. There is so much growing here. 😊

  5. What a lovely journey! And some very wise words.

  6. So many goodies here. Love the house with the angel wings too.
    That one with the first day of school is previous 🙂. Nice post.


  7. For once in my sorry life, I'm glad I'm from Missouri lol But mosaics are some of the coolest art forms.

  8. Haha. Well every state has it’s 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️This one at least brings a chuckle.I’m actually from Louisiana, where most residents think the Crawfish should be the state emblem. Lol


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