Saturday, January 15, 2022

Now and Then #SoCs #JusJoJan

 It is officially ‘Summer’ in Central America, which means less rain, more wind and absolutely gorgeous weather. Things can get a bit dry overall but now and then we have a rainy day.

We had one such day last week and it was nice to sit inside, hearing the drops on the roof and watching it fall across the mountains. It’s nothing like the torrential downpours of the rainy season but the plants and trees love it. 

 A summer rainy day in Panama

But then, this time of year, there is some misting rain every day, almost always before sunset, and we get these marvelous consolation prizes..

When I first saw Linda Hill’s #SoCs #JusJoJan prompt I thought I had the perfect song. But as I hummed it to myself I realized it was the wrong time of day. Still it is a wonderful song so I’m sharing it anyway. 

Do visit Linda’s blog if you want to participate or to just read some really cool posts. 

There are a lot of versions but I love Ray’s. 


  1. Are you having a la nina year?

  2. Raindrops on the roof is the best sound ever

  3. Things are so pretty there. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us .

    1. It’s my pleasure, Dan. I feel truly bleesed to be here.

  4. I've always loved to listen to rain patter on the roof. And I love the feel of mist on my skin. Thank you for the lovely memories.


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