Tuesday, November 29, 2022

When You’re Blessed With Lemons… #CFFC

This week’s prompt from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is part of her color photography challenge for the next few weeks. This week our color is Pink Lemonade. While I have not been a fan of the pink color that manufacturers have managed to create, other than pastel pink, I do so love the pink hues found in nature. I have many flower images but have tried to scale it down here for you, adding a few other ‘pink lemonade-ish’ photos.

Bees ‘n blooms,
how they groom
themselves for
such trysts,
their bliss

Ten cents a drink?
I don’t think
I have enough to pay
for indulging this way! 

my last connection
to childhood perfection-
a friend so constant

Hello you two!
One pink, one blue
Do you know much
I adore both of you?

Do leave me a sip!
Oh how my lips
long to savor
the fine flavor
of this elixir!

Little green 
I might not have seen
you there
if not for my desire
to capture the fire
in her heart…

Ahhh… dear magnolia
of the east

As golden faeries prance
under Old Moon’s
 blushing glance,
the goddess of night
will soon take flight
to wickedly delight
your dreams!

What can I say? It was his favorite holiday film…
my rogue Ralphie. 😂

In the botanical garden, nature comes to light! 

A bit of me

For in death shall 
she smile one last time
what rhyme
to convey such 

The sun does not set.
She pirouettes
into the arms of dusk!

A moment of serendipity

King of Pops for an adult frozen delight! 

Sweet whisper of life~
the Rayne that brings sunshine! 

Okay, gratuitous preening anole shot.
 But my phone is a nice shade of pink…
Don’t you think? 

Butterflies love blooms
Monkeys love bananas!
Before this plant has expired, 
many will be satisfied. 

Blood orange margarita that parades 
as frozen tart Pink Lemonade! 
it needed a boost! 

Do not weep 
when I am done
for I will sleep
when doth the sun
no longer kiss my cheek.
We shall not speak
of such sorrow.
Look! Here comes
May we borrow it from you,
Father Time? 

Happiness is a butterfly….

And how about my favorite song about Pink? 


  1. Have you seen the serial to Ralphie's A Christmas Story? I just saw it Sunday night and it's not bad.

    You do pinks so well. Happy Christmas season, Cheryl!

  2. We tried to watch but it was disappointing. I’d seen the interviews and had high hopes. My son was actually excited about the RedRider BB gun. And, yes, he came down the stairs just like Ralphie. Thanks Deborah. Nature does color so well.

  3. I love your necklaces! Pink is not one of my favourite colours but you're right, in nature it is stunning.

    1. It’s why I never had a storebought Barbie Dream House (beside the fact it was out of my parents’ budget) All that pink! No, milk cartons aren’t pink and ‘silverware’ wasn’t pink. Lol Thanks Pam. Nature’s colors are richer.

  4. Wow, Cheryl. You have some amazing pinks in here. It's like Cee's challenge was made for you.


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