Monday, November 7, 2022

#CFFC If Only They Knew

This week’s prompt for CEE’s Fun Foto Challenge is Animals Caught Unaware. Well I might as well have just posted a link to my photo cache but instead I chose just a few of my favorites. I always feel a connection to the nature I photograph but am fairly certain these animals were too preoccupied tok ow O was watching…

Now this is a fine pickle, Ollie…

“If I could just. Get. That. One.loose feather…”

Lunch for the family? 


Do a little dance, make a little love…

There are no words to describe manatee affection.

If a crab no bigger than my pinky can recycle, then why can’t we? 

“Wait… wait…”

“Mirror, mirror on the car, 
With this face, will I go far?”

What can I say? It was a fortuitous moment for me and the snake.

Butterflies in love…

“Herb, um, I think someone is watching…”



  1. Beautiful photos, Cheryl! I am guessing you have a plethora of animals and other crawling creatures to take photos of and share. Right? ;-)


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