Thursday, December 15, 2022

Thursday Doors Open to Adventure #ThursdayDoors

Here we are again at the Thursday Doors weekly gathering. This week is special because it is time for our host Dan Antion to install a new badge for the coming year. This year’s badge was provided by the talented writer Teegan If you haven’t already done so, you should visit her blog and learn more about her books! 

This is my submission for the badge contest. There is a lovely hiking trail in Atlanta, Georgia called the Beltline. It winds through and around Midtown and there is a group called Tiny Doors that has installed random doors in unlikely places along this trail. If you look closely you can find them. What a fun game of treasure hunting! We found quite a few of them during our walks and this was a favorite. 

I won’t tell you what’s inside. You should just go and knock for yourself. Who knows what might be waiting beyond the door? 

Let me know what you find! 


I love hearing your thoughts!