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In these 'worst of times' for modern history, we all have our break out moments.  We need to escape, to run free, wild and feel the wind in our face, the world fading behind with no particular place to go.  And when I say all, I mean all.   This guy was all in for a round trip, 34 mile, 70 mph interstate run with us to pick up groceries-just to escape for a bit.  Gotta love em.  I sure do! Wow! That’s a lot of wind!  Buckle up buddy. It’s going to be a long ride.  ‘Earl’ Knievel, AKA Anole Fonda You would think he’d be ready to disembark once we reached our destination. But noooooo... That was really great, but think I'll ride up here for the trip home. Ummm...driver...what's the hold up here? Have to get back to the fam, you know? And speaking of Social Distancing..... this couple seemed to be practicing it well although the 'nester' was having some negative feedback from the hungry baby.

She Is Still Here

Mother Earth.. I think the saddest part of this pandemic moment in our history is that it is all consuming, then add to it the fact that we are now being ‘ruled’ by a leadership which does not lead at all but is rather dragging those of us who still have morals and a conscience to slaughter on a hook, and things look grim. The ones who have decided to drink the kool aid are marching to Frankenstein’s castle with torches held high, ready for destroying the terrifying enemy, whatever the ruthless leader decides that is. But today was set aside as a special day, to celebrate Mother Earth and bring awareness to conserving her beauty, resources and gifts. I saw nothing of this celebration in the news. It was only on social media by the same people who are fighting the insidious movement to disband all measures which have been put into place to try and preserve the very creation which sustains our lives here. Do these greedy men think their money is going to save them or are they so fea

These Are a Few...

Of my favorite things... Raindrops on Spring buds With sea birds I’m smitten.. Blessed Mother forgive them though they knew what they did Within their safe castles they cowered and hid Remember the faithful whose hearts remain true, that honor our world and protect it for you. The face that smiles and the soul that sings- these are a few of our favorite things.  CKP 2020

You Don’t Know

The Point Let’s get to the point, we know the score. This ship’s run aground on a crumbling shore. (Sh)it’s hitting the fan like never before. Let’s roll a fat one and stop the thunder, ignore the fools counting their plunder. We’ll gaze at the sky as the albatross fly How high, how high.. In a minute or two or ten or twenty we consider a swim  but the sharks are ‘a plenty, and aware of our plight they think we won’t fight. How low, how low do the dark depths go.... Up or down.. Without wings or buoy, there must be a way to salvage the joy we locked in a chest like a hidden treasure. The key, you and me we now must see is to never give up when up is down- and down, you’ll drown. Perhaps... We’ll don a disguise and like bright butterflies float on... Let’s roll another as I try to recall that short guy we knew way back in the Fall.. was it 1982?  He had to leave in such a rush-

Old Doors

From old travels. Squeaking in under the wire for  Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors  prompt. I don’t always have the opportunity or the doors to participate; but rifling through my image files brought back some sweet memories from our time in Georgia. We took a mini trip to Savannah, which was on my wish list for our adventures while living there.  We did have quite a few outings, and the time we spent in Savannah was filled with history, good food and some sweltering walks. I blogged about some of the day-scursions on my other blog but thought I would share these special doors with you from our day visiting the train museum. I think you’ll enjoy the these  Dan!  They may be familiar and some you may not have seen. So, before the clock strikes midnight let me show you some doors... This was fun, imagining a handcar trip down the line. Hey, there is a door back there, and it leads into the railroad museum with miniature train sets!  I really wanted to go in but it was s

Hello In There

Remembering a music legend. We have lost some beautiful humans in the past few months, both famous and not. The world seems sadder somehow just knowing they have moved on. It was with a heavy heart that I learned about the passing of John Prine, iconic folk singer of the 60’s and 70’s, his songs remaining relevant to this day. His songs are ballads, filled with heart, soul and the bare grit that is human life. He succumbed to the Coronavirus. As a teenager, I sat with friends belting out sing-a-long style to his voice and the voices of those who brought his words to life. Some of those, sadly, have moved on as well. John Denver took us through our angsty years and I still miss him. He wrote songs made famous by musicians like Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, George Strait and Miranda Lambert, to name a few. Marianne Faithfull,  who recorded duets with John, is also dealing with this unconscionable virus across the ocean, but is reportedly doing well. So, let’s all raise a cu


Mind has gone numb as the world slows to a blur. The bustle of life- symphony of sound, a whir Where to turn now,   and what does the truth become? Fact, fiction, fantasy, or waking nightmare for some.. so many can any one  speed it up?  No backward motion, silly notion of return to what was- it was what brought us here- the fear palpable visceral as we  wait pray play and stay inside- hide from the unseen enemy Suspended.  CKP 2020 And saying farewell to a beloved musician whose popular hit is most relevant today. We will miss you Bill Withers. 

The Deafening Silence

The Sound of Silence Hello Darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the  Sound of Silence. This first verse to an old but perpetually relevant song by Simon and Garfunkel has been a recurring theme for me throughout my life.  In the mystical moment between asleep and awake lie the revelations that sear the soul, the brilliant 'Aha's' that I try to grasp even as they slip once more into the chasm of oblivion.   My heart cries to capture them and share these truths with the world; but, like glistening drops of morning dew, they disintegrate when touched-shattering into a million molecules that disappear into the atmosphere once again...waiting.  They wait for us to be ready, to be worthy, to be willing to hear and to accept the truth of what they are, what we are and what we have done, and wh

The Gleaning

Listen, can you hear? Can you see the tears her heart sheds for her children?  From birth the Earth sustains, remains constant, reliable, viable, strong. How long? CKP copyright 2020