Saturday, January 8, 2022

So Sweet/#JusJoJan #SoCS


I'll be brief  

Attach whatever meaning you think applies to me after you read my post.  In the meantime, here is my contribution to Linda Hill's dual prompt for #JusJoJan and #SoCS.  Please visit the link to meet some pretty awesome bloggers and join the fun! Today's prompt, in short, is to use the words 'in the' anyway you like in your post.

So, without further ado, I have to say that...

In the grand scheme of things, my life has been pretty sweet. Instead of going all wordy on you, let me share in the way that comes most easily and means the most.  Enjoy a bit of my favorite music while you browse.  

Josh Groban 

Zoo ventures...Bubby!

Mole hunting with the mullet boys..

Staying up all night for sweet miracles

Seeing your children have children..

Friends that become like family

Paw Paw moments

Flying higher than you thought you would

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure not to break your wrist first! 🙈
And be with a good friend.

Shoop shoot, hula hoop, Daddy!

Hippopola!  Water puddle joy! 

Golden haired boy

Dear Debbie and Patty...Naples girls days

King of Pops/Atlanta..kings of ice cream adult treats
Can you say Old Fashioned Dessert?

I'm...too sexy for my pink boots

New brother love..

So many birthdays!  Numero Uno Barrett

So hard to choose nature shots

Potato love...

Wild days in high school.  😂😂

Walter our pet Pigeon. Yep.  Walter Pigeon

Weddings bring hope and love

Bonding goes skin deep...

Oh boys...

My heroes

Family sustains and entertains

Little Chewy

Exploring Robber's Cave in Nebraska

New friends in Costa Rica

Always they make me laugh, love and carry on...

Every little thing she does is magic..

The Tiny Doors of Atlanta
(you can find more of these on Dreaming Reality)

I did say sweet, didn't I. many doughnuts, so little time..

Oh yes I did!  A fun but hot day clowning at Fantastic Sam's for a friend

Precious new gifts..


You understand why....

So many sunsets....



Tender moments...Congrats on your engagement guys!  This seems so long ago now.

And always....this reason..

New friends every day...


and bees....

Treasures in special places..

Very speciaal gifts....

So many fun times...
Lassez les bons temps rouler!

Once Upon a Time in Costa Rica..

Reverent moments..

Orbs at a church in San Jose, Costa Rica

Time for love...

Grits and giggles...

Oh yes they did!

Little love notes..

Hurry Mom it's so hot out here!

So many dewdrops...

Little hummers everywhere...

Which way is in?


Our resident monkey!


Mother love....

We will remember you, Kenny..


Mother love doubled!


The world in a bubble

Strawberry 80's! 😂

I had a great support system from the start.

Firstborn.  When was I ever that young?

Great hair takes a magnificent stylist! Miss you Garrett!

Dad and some of the bunnies!

The days grow long and the shadows longer

Cheers to all the good times!


So many tree friends....

I miss you every day, Mama...

The family that paddles together...

The caboose!

Friends in San Antonio!

And Costa Rica!

Best friend forever...

Hope springs eternal..

 Birthday buddy!

Always the turtles...

I can't help it they are so much fun!

Snow turtles

Forever yours....

I love making new friends...

Sunrise in the South...

You never let me fall.....

Memories are made for embracing the good times.....
They will see you through the rough ones...

This is Book One of my life's sweet moments.  Stay tuned....


  1. Cheers to all the good times, indeed, Cheryl - I really enjoyed this post and these wonderful photos!

    1. Thanks Dan. It was so hard to choose. I know I put in a lot but it sure cheered my heart to see them all. 😀

  2. Excellent, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The video with the music had me in tears. And the pictures had me in smiles!

    1. I simply love Josh Groban and this piece is one of my favorites. I’m happy to give you a smile with those tears, Pam. 🤗

    2. I simply love Josh Groban and this piece is one of my favorites. I’m happy to give you a smile with those tears, Pam. 🤗

  4. Il Postino is one of my all-time favorite movies! So sweet to relive it with you, and so sweet to share your moments of sweetness. :)

  5. Well I never saw that movie so now must add to my list. Thanks Marian!

  6. Well I never saw that movie so now must add to my list. Thanks Marian!

  7. I can see what matters most to you, Cheryl - friends and family. As it should be. <3

  8. Wonderful, and beautiful memories and moments, Cheryl! Thank you for sharing them with us! 🥰

  9. Hi Deborah. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my moments.


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