Saturday, August 20, 2022

The Unseen Key #SoCS

Hi guys! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. I’m in the final stages of completing my novel, Forever Never/Dawn of the Dream. It’s been a ten year off and on project since I was inspired to write it while living in Florida. Most of it was written in 2012 while we lived in Costa Rica, then was closeted for awhile when we had to move back to the US. I wrote down ideas and completed one version which was critiqued by one publisher as being Tolkien in style but they weren’t certain of the audience draw.  So, I have rewritten my fantasy tale from the perspective of the characters and their struggles of learning to live and love within the realm of the illusion we call ‘Life’.

My fervent desire is that if even one person reads my story and its message resonates with them, then all was not in vain. Life is a blank canvas and can be as beautiful or terrible as we create it to be. Learning to accept that there are no outside forces that ruin or make our lives perfect is the first step in accepting the power of free will given to us through creation. Darkness and Light exist within every living thing. One cannot survive without the other. The key then becomes accepting these dual forces and keeping the proper balance within ourselves. 

In all of my 63 years on this blue and green spinning sphere of wonder, I have learned that the only thing I have the power to change is myself. But in changing oneself, there can be the most astounding effect, like a raindrop in a pool of water sending lovely ripples reaching to the farthest edges. I don’t believe the force that began this dream is holding its breath until every living thing is in perfect harmony, but rather rejoices with every expression of peace and unconditional love within Existence. When we learn to apply this sense of satisfaction to our own experiences, there is so much contentment waiting for our recognition.

For me it is in watching bees and butterflies pollinate, knowing these small, often unnoticed, creatures hold our very means of sustenance in their busy-ness. Photography affords me a kind of meditation that too many people think must be contrived or scheduled. When I take photos of simple blooms and within their heart see minuscule living beings, my heart slows down and beats with the pulse of Mother Nature. 

Who doesn’t love a ladybug? 🙂

This is my meditation…

The sound of a rushing river reminds me how powerful Nature is and how generously she shares her wealth with we, the interlopers.

This tiny pearl was less than 1mm, but already she understands her purpose and works to create something functional and magnificent.

I love, love, love dewdrops.

There are dozens of different ladybugs and beetles here, likely hundreds. Each one that I meet takes a special place in my treasure book of amazing things. 

I’d like to share just the Prologue with you here and maybe in the coming weeks I’ll share a bit of the story. For any of you who read my WP blog Dreaming Existence there are portions of the original story there. Thanks and hugs to my good blogging friends who continue to follow me even though I’ve roamed, and for always offering your support. My special thanks to Dan Antion who has been gracious enough to read my chapters and offer his suggestions. 
Most of all, love and thanks to my enduring soulmate who, in spite of his own challenges, encourages and lifts me up every moment of every day. He’s saved me from possible nightmares too many times to count.
I’d need a separate post to properly thank those beautiful miracles the powers that be blessed me with. My sons and those they love have been my sustenance since the day they arrived! They are my keys to unconditional love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Today’s post is part of Linda Hill’s #SoCS blog prompt. You should click the link and visit her blog for more great posts and to meet some talented writers. 

This is the prologue as it should appear. You might have to enlarge it to read the image but I will print it below.

Life is

but an illusion,

a construct,

a design-

an infinitely grand and perfectly endless

miraculous, perpetual simulation to reflect

the unconditional Love and collective will of souls

for the First Thought,

its obligation, the perpetuation and continuation

of Creation-

the expression of Its Love.

When I was a child, we sang a hymn that proposed that

‘Death Is Only a Dream’.

Death is naught but a whisper to the soul,

Nudging it to wake from the dream…

the illusion of Life.

Within the realm of eternity, such a mortal life

would be but a blink,

a brief interlude from the All That Is,

when our souls spread their wings and imagination begets


With vigor and verve, we vow to sleep,

to live and die, to laugh and weep!

So, willingly, in shrouds of flesh

we pass through the veil with only an imprint of memory-

a clean, bright canvas to splash with color.

We lovingly weave our tapestry of life,

seeking the answers to questions unasked.

Hungry, lonely, lusty, wise,

falling, flying, crawling

Till twilight clouds our eyes.

Then soul’s remembrance, cloaked as Death,

Reclaims the shroud and steals our breath.

Then day is night and night is day

Until our souls should wish to play



  1. This is excellent news, Cheryl, and thanks for the shout out. I look forward to reading this book while holding it in my hands. Beautiful photos.

  2. Stick with it Cheryl. Good luck with your book.

  3. Keep on going with the book!! You're a wonderful illustrative author. The words you put together to describe emotion...just being are so rich, and powerful the book is bound to be a success.
    Especially for people like me who feel it but, can't express it in words.

    I'm also waiting for your book of poetry. I hope that too is in the works! Just sayin. 😀

    1. Thank you Deborah! That poetry book is next. And I’m dedicating it to you becuase you are the one who has asked for it faithfully. 🤗

  4. You're writing a book!! Excellent and hope you finish soon... Great details in your captures.


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