Saturday, February 11, 2023

Queen of Hearts #SoCS

Once again, Linda Hill has given us a Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt that I can sink my teeth into. 

I always seem to find the heart in so many things I see, especially Nature. This Earth shares its bounty and love with the humans who tread it and I’ve seen her messages many times. 

Well, it was a commercial rendition of potato love…

But this was the real deal. I found it on my oldest son’s wedding day when I made potato salad for the reception. 

This tree in Roswell, GA was sharing its love with everyone who took time to notice

Let’s have a kiss then… 

This sunflower has a really big heart

“Please don’t break my heart.”

Butterfly hearts are always beating for love…

Forever in my heart..

A morning heart! 

Dragonflies making hearts in love at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE

I may not be the Queen of Hearts but I am definitely in the court. 😉❤️

While there are many songs that speak to issues of the heart, this one is a favorite…


  1. Good images and great post Cheryl

  2. These are wonderful and lovely images, Cheryl. There are hearts and love all around us.

    1. Indeed there are, Dan. One can never be lonely for long with so much love.

  3. So many beautiful hearts! I loved the butterflies in flight.

  4. How are beating hearts keep us dreaming…

  5. Loved these shots, especially the mating dragonflies.

    1. Hi Damyanti! Thanks for stopping by. The garden where that shot was taken is purely magical. ❤️


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