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Bird Days One of the best things about living in Central Florida is the wildlife. Some days that is the best thing. πŸ˜‰ For me, any day I connect with Nature is a perfect one. The most rewarding moments are the  unexpected ones, those times when a projected idea falls short, leading to a moment of pure brilliance!  We took a drive to get my haircut; and, as always, my journeys must be combined with some kind of fun. We tried to make a detour to the Big Tree park to visit some very old tree friends but road construction made that impossible; so we made our way slowly towards my hair appointment while taking small detours to check out the local nature hangouts. There is a lot of water in Florida and lots of man made lakes. On our last stop, with only 30 minutes to spare, we hit the jackpot! There, swimming, flitting, flying and feeding on the lake were not one, not two, but half a dozen of our favorite birds! They were most happy to pose for me too. I hope you enjoy the photo

My Soul is a Tomb

My Soul Is a Tomb My soul is a tomb- moldy bones of contention litter the dusty floors  and congregate in the murky shadows to avoid the shards of filtered light that steal through the gilded windows, their arches softly contrasting the hard lines of mortar and cold stone.  The faint strains of a waltz hang on the stale air like a fog drifting across the stormy sea of destiny. My soul is a prison where cave dwellers make fire to roast the flesh of dragons slain by knights on ivory steeds deep within the forest of lands ruled by fairies with  pixie slaves that live among the thorns of the rose garden where children in crips linen dresses and brown britches play hide and seek with  gray wolf cubs that venture into the daylight while their parents sleep off the night's  successful run with the red blood of the farmer's dog   staining their tongues as they dream of being eagles. My soul is a highway p

Muscovey Mayhem

There was no humor  on the little lake last Saturday. Muscovey prowess was at stake and the old guy just won’t give it up to the younger fowl. I fear one day soon we may find one of them floating tail up. 😱 This post brought to you by   Linda Hill  And the #JusJoJan prompt. 


To hold the breath of Nature on one’s fingertips and not understand its magnificence.. To view the intricate perfection of perpetual life and not be awed into reverent appreciation.. To watch the impeccable choreography of bloom and wing in silent wonder.. To move with exacting purpose through the  days of doubt and delight toward the finish line.. To accept the connectedness in  all of Existence  with pure Love and right intent is Perfection.  Our world is in crisis.  She waits with hope,  expectation, anticipation.. weeping, praying, lashing out  in fear and pain. Tremors .  CKP words and images 2020 This (late) JusJoJan and #SoCS post is brought to you by the prompt from  Linda Hill . Sorry I am so late to the party this weekend. So much has been going on. I promise to do better. Thanks for reading!  The prompt was to base this post on the title of the last movie I watched which was, in fact, Tremors. 


Once upon a lifetime a seed of love finds a fertile place... in a lonely heart and plants itself- waiting, hoping, longing for the warmth of recognition. Time passing unnoticed, unreturned and unappreciated, the bloom fading... Withers hope slipping into dark oblivion drowned in a sea of tears, buried treasure. Silence, masquerading as the forgotten, disguising pain transformed into growth... heart beats in spite of longing to be free of sorrow, no tomorrow with sharp reminders of rejection. Time, the great amnesiac-cajoling, consoling the heart into release.... belief that past is past and  gone is gone. Healed, concealed  the scar lies dormant. Then gravity takes hold, pulling the soul into the cemetery of regret.. the sweet sting of remembrance like the scent of a  Spring bloom long gone from the garden, like a sunset that  remains unequalled, free floating once more as

Then and Now

Today’s combination prompt from  Linda Hill  for #SoCS and #JusJoJan gives us an interesting change. I love these because they can be so varied.   This is what I want you to do: 1. Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. That’s it! Have fun! I was so excited to read something new from the ‘King’ . So far, so good.  This prompt also fits with what was on my heart and allows me to share something our good blogging friend  Damyanti Biswas  posted on Instagram yesterday.  This simple graphic says so much about who we have become as a society. We are civilized to the point of regression. The first human to view their reflection in the water must have been astounded and perhaps felt less alone in their world. That simple appreciation of self a

Duck Drama

Since I missed yesterday’s prompt, part of today’s post is courtesy of  John at The Sound of One Hand Typing  and yesterdays prompt was given by  Jill . Both are great prompts. I’d like to continue my tale of life on Lake ‘Hawk’s Cove’. Do you recall after my tale of Cormorant eel fishing yesterday that I mentioned the possibility  of a more dastardly event taking place on our peaceful little backyard waterworld? Nature moves in many ways and the course of events isn’t always pleasant. While there are no dingos taking down antelope in our neighborhood, sometimes the wildlife does like to mix it up now and then when temperatures change or the skies rumble. Maybe they just like to strut their stuff. Whatever got under their feathers, these fellows got into it right after the eel met its fate in the belly of Captain Cormorant. At first hubby and I thought they were...well..making whoopie. But when I started looking through my lens, the magic crystal ball of revelation, I realized th

Natural Order

I spend a lot of time visiting parks and wildlife reserves in search of the beautiful living things that are found there, and I have hundreds of photos to show that they really are magnificent. We are also very fortunate to have a beautiful neighborhood with a small, man made lake where the ducks and various seabirds visit, hang out and come and go at will. I love them and take photos sometimes. I normally prefer not to disturb the general scene with my presence. The wild birds don’t react much to human presence here near the ocean due to living among the hustle and bustle of city life themselves. The ducks, however, think that anything moving is a potential carrier of food, and come waddling over and disrupting any serenity that exists. It is normally quite mundane and quiet as we sit on the porch sipping coffee on a Saturday morning.  Yesterday, however, found Nature abuzz with excitement and drama and my hubby-the Spotter-had his eye on the details while I grabbed my camera to


Now is the moment we are in, the only real ‘time’ that truly exists or matters. Yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is a vision. It is all a dream that often seems like a nightmare. This is life, it is inevitable and unavoidable if we are to grow. As difficult as it is, as much concentration as it seems to take initially, learning to let go of our yesterdays as an emotional imprint will be the key to our successful, inspired tomorrows. Knowledge and learning are necessary for our mental growth and it is often tricky to discern between that which should be kept and that which should be discarded. It is also difficult to understand if we are truly letting go of painful or unpleasant memories or simply locking them away inside an emotional coffin that never can be buried. At 60, I can truly say I have evolved a lot and that I may have had several of those coffins in my cemetery of dark nights. It has been an arduous task to open them and view those skeletons in the light of day. W

Poke Me...

I’m done! It’s Friday, after Thursday, that was more like a Monday. Pinch me. Is it really the weekend, that long awaited 48 hour blissful fast forward two days of the week? Sigh. Yes. I am thrilled to have some time to myself. Time without work, time without a holiday, time to breathe, or eat, or walk, or watch tv, or go to the park, take photos, take a ride, write a story, draw a picture, picture me going crazy trying to choose what to do! 😱😱 Poke me at about 8 am tomorrow-that’s 3 whole hours after I normally have to get up. Then we’ll see what happens. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ If only I could be this relaxed.... Pssst...ain’t he sweet?  Happy #free48!  This post is part of the  JusJoJan prompt  brought to you by Linda Hill. Today’s prompt was ‘poke’. 

Call Me Marmalade

And serve me on toast! 😱 Today couldn’t have been an ordinary post holiday Thursday. No, it was the grandmother of all manic Mondays. Holy Moly. See all those doors? If I walked through those doors a dozen times, I walked through them a hundred! Getting my steps in! πŸ˜‰ How about these doors,  Dan? But it was nothing a little pizza and beer couldn’t numb.  😳What? You were expecting photos? Ummmm....nothing left. Not a drop or a crumb, But oh so very yum! That’s as close to poetic as I’m getting tonight, friends. Onward into Friday and then the glorious #Free48! 48 hours that are mine! Hopefully the weather folks are right in predicting one sunny day! That may mean a mini excursion, which means photos!  WoohooOooo!  Hope your first post holiday day was great.  Love and light, Cheryl This post is a part of  Linda Hill’s JusJoJan prompt . Check out her blog for other great prompts.  And now I bid you adieu, farewell, buenos noches, sweet