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It Will Always Be Too Late

to know the joy of connection, of fulfilling someone's dream of acceptance, to give of yourself when you feel you are depleted, if you wait for a 'better time', a clearer head, the 'right' moment, or different circumstances.  Death is a dream for those that leave but can be a nightmare for those left behind. Words of the heart can be spoken across the veil, even with the breath of life between souls; but why wait?  The time is always now  for sincerity, love, expression and truth. Say it loud, say it clear. You can listen as well as you hear. It's too late, when we die to admit we don't see eye to eye... I love you all!!! Never forget.

Beside Myself...

Would be more appropriate than the prompt given to us today by our wonderful host  Linda Hill l . Today’s prompt was Beside you, looking right beside you for what you will write about. Click on the link to visit her blog, read the rules, and meet other great writers too. When I saw the prompt this morning I was up before the sun, attempting yet again to apply for unemployment assistance. I have been trying for several days, quite unsuccessfully to finalize the process. The system is, understandably, overloaded, leading to restarts, reboots, glitches and dead-ends. Big sigh.... Piles and notes and all the details I can muster cannot make the impossible happen. Supposedly they are updating the system tomorrow and I will try again..and again..and again, because we can’t give up. Our lives depend upon our resilience, our fortitude and our patience.  We must be thankful for those tangible things we are blessed with like a home, food, family that is still healthy, the sun rising


Today I caught a glimpse of time, frozen in perfection, it’s lightness took my breath away, stole my sorrow- floating above its  reflection, weeping silently for  lost moments, waiting for the ticking clock of opportunity. We wept together in pain with hope of  gentle currents and heady winds of bright change. Till then- content we admired  Life’s reflection... CKP Words and image copyright 2020


Life- fading from its brilliant hue, magenta, emerald, azure blue draining, waning as the winds of sorrow shake it to the core what went before seems like a dream unraveling at the seams and yet when viewed with fresh understanding shadow and form become the norm  once again. Definition, this rendition  adds depth and mystery for the hungry soul. without the  technicolor, with each other to paint the canvas  anew.  Inevitable this flow no choice but to go forward bravely navigating the changes. CKP Copyright Words and Image  2020

Taking Cover

I'm going into  hiding and won't come out until the storm has passed at last the sun returns within and without. Fear  so  powerful drives  dark agendas that block the light of truth and hope and healing. We cope by believing. Wake me when  it's over please.   Cheryl KP  2020

One More Day

Hey Fellas! Six feet, six feet, six feeeet! Regroup!  We have to set the example for our humans... Stay smart, stay home, stay safe, stay connected.  Be well. 😘💕

Never Give Up

This simple video, made by my grandson’s mother some time ago, is more relevant now than the first time I heard it. In spite of the grim news we hear, the unsettling changes in our day to day lives and the frightening uncertainties that loom on the horizon, we must remain focused on what we want to manifest in our world. When you remove the material aspect of what we consider valuable, what is left is our physical and mental health. It is imperative to our physical well being that we have a strong mental state. Sometimes all we have is the certainty that our souls will live on, that our will to survive is our greatest defense. Children have simple faith, based on the lack of experiences they have gone through. They carry the promise of eternity in their hearts which they share freely.  It is time to return to that simple faith and understanding, to be diligent and wise in our choices and to share love in every moment. Love and fear are at war, not from any outside source, b

Love is All Around..

I decided a long time ago that life is too short to take anything for granted. People have had many reactions to my ‘obsession’ with photographing life’s moments. I get groans at being dragged from bed before sunrise to await that magical moment when Earth opens her sleepy eyes to greet yet another day. I ignore the pained eye rolls when I insist on hurrying out to watch that same sun make its final descent behind the horizon, giving up daylight’s reign to the mystical night.  But...who would choose to miss this magnificent moment that has ever truly watched it in awed silence? The truth is that I don’t take photos as a means of hoarding these memories for myself. They are emblazoned on my soul and rooted in my heart. I take them to share with and inspire others to look around, to see what life gives us with every breath we take, so much of it absolutely freely.  No regrets, don’t forget to see and be the miracle the world  needs I had ano

Hanging In..

Sharing another Nature moment that fits with our current situation. Recent days feel just like this for me and so many others. Our office remains open and people keep coming, keep congregating, keep laughing and throwing caution to the wind in the face of the frightening truth. I have all my fingers and toes crossed just like this guy. Be well my friends. If you care for yourself it will be helping everyone.  Hang in there, Baby. 😉


Delicate fragile amazing vital- I  feel their  energy in  the  feather touch  of  their  legs on my fingertips, the breath of Earth within their  soft form- I carry it  with me. I have thousands of images taken over the years and will be sharing them as simple beauty posts during this difficult time for all of us.  The state of our world, our human consciousness and our unforeseeable future has muddied my creative mind.  If I take a few moments each day to revel in the things I have seen and revisit the joy I have known in all these experiences, perhaps I can find my center once more.   Keep a good thought, be wise, research, trust your instincts and be well, my dear friends.  Cheryl K P  2020


I’m still here... Reaching.. through the pain, the doubt, within, without trying to ground myself again. The world spinning out, darkly mad, hearts so sad as hope gives way to fear and pain. The haze blinds my heart, my soul- loss of control shrinks me to infinitesimal  smallness. Believing.. beauty lives while we exist. Persist! Resist the lie that works to destroy its face. Gossamer.. transparent, my thought, the words fraught with longing, pleading for resolve. Reaching for the stars, the moon a gentle tune to lull me into peaceful sleep at night. Living the ever shifting illusion without confusion for my soul knows every step we planned.  Ain’t this life grand?  Cheryl KP Copyright words and images 2020

Going my way?

Going my way? #1linerWednesday brought to you by  Linda Hill Visit her blog to meet other amazing bloggers!  Photo taken at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Egret fishing.

Tell It All

That is all for today folks. 

Forever Never/Dreams to Nightmares

From the pages of an unfolding tale, an excerpt from the vision of my soul...Forever Never. My good friends are already familiar with these characters. For anyone else, let me introduce you... He cut a striking silhouette against the gray-blue dusk, silently watching, stoic in his resolve. He didn’t know she lay still as death on their blanket..still, yet wide awake. She knew she was supposed to sleep, to rest for the coming dawn of unknown horrors, but her mind couldn’t let go. It reached in every direction in spite of her weak attempts to quiet the voices. It was too still within the forest clearing. The night looked so perfect with a bright moon glowing overhead, the air nicely warm and cool at the same time. They both knew it was a grand deception, dark magic at its most loathsome. All around the camp site were other Watchers, evenly spaced and armed, ready for whatever might come. They were creatures of darkness, after all. Why wouldn’t their master have them attack at n

Fowl Moods

The best thing about photographing nature is capturing their true essence.. Fluffy Finicky Frumpy Fragile Fabulous!  What do you find written on the face of Nature?